Monday, December 12, 2011

Not Standing for It

Bebo joins Zen Sniff in pondering the grave injustice of being made to go outside when the humans leave.

Taken November 24, 2011.

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  1. I'm not sure the perceived injustice is "you're making us go outside" so much as "you're leaving without us." I'm sure they'll find a nice muddy spot to roll in while you're gone!

    It's Monday. I'm up first for a change, but Mason's stirring a little. I doubt I'll get out of here to the mimes on time, but there's always hope…

  2. Brrrr, doggies. Woke up from a weird dream to COLD.

    For whatever reason, my heat hadn't kicked on overnight. Sheesh. All is good now and getting toastier, which is good, since today is an at-home day. Going to work on Friday this week because it's our holiday party so I'm not working today.

    Got a lot of recording done over the weekend, plus a lot of reading done. I count those both as a win. :)

    I'll probably do some more recording today and more reading. ::the exciting and glamorous author life::

    Hope you are all keeping warm!

  3. Farf, I agree - who wants to be left behind.

    Cold here, Maria, but my heat was working. Hope yours knows when to kick in from now on. Snuggling with Kit will help any cold spells.

    Good Monday to all. (It is Monday, right???)

  4. You don't want me to tell you what the weather is like here, honest. I'll start apologizing now - and will send the extra warmth your way. I'm soaking it up because next week at this time I'll be freezing my fanny off in NH, so need to pack as much warmth into my bones this week as I can.

    Waving from the beach - stay warm!

  5. That's true for Bebo, Farf, who loves going in the car. Sniff, OTOH, would always rather be spending quality time with his best beloved, the couch.

    Maybe not glamorous, Maria, but it does sound pretty full and productive.

    Still Monday here, Dina. For a another couple of hours or so.

    Ooh, NH in December, Beth. The dogs hope you'll have a nice woodstove to snuggle up to like they do.

  6. I wish, andi. My sis keeps the house at 65 - I freeze the entire time I'm there. I've threatened to either stay in the hot tub the entire week, or bring the electric blanket up from my bed downstairs and wrap up in it as I sit on the couch. No woodstove. :( I'm dreading it already... there's a reason I live in the South now!

  7. 65 sounds hot to me, Beth; my father-in-law used to refuse to set the thermostat above 60! Mind you, we don't get the same kind of winters, as a rule but it was pretty chilly!