Tuesday, December 27, 2011

My Impressions Are Golden

Taken December 10, 2011.

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  1. Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to mimes I go...

    I could *so* have taken this week off, but I figured it would be better served to save time for sometime in winter when it's all blah and snowy. At least this is a short week again followed by another 4 day weekend!


  2. Love this picture, Andi. All sorts of things come from it.

    Maria, hope the week isn't too bad.

    Waves to all that follow.

  3. Well, I'm impressed too!

    Maria, I *had* to take these two weeks off. Company policy, you can carry over two weeks/year. I have effectively (when adding personal days and floating holidays) four weeks/year, so it can be hard burning off that last bit.

    Waving back at Dina.

    Rainy day on Planet Georgia, last one in the forecast until New Year's. Mason & Mrs. Fetched are up, but (of course) The Boy & Snippet aren't. I'm in a kind of hard place w/r/t Snippet… she said my pic of Mason in her card was better than a $100 bill, so saying bad things about her after that would be ungrateful. :-P

  4. Good morning everyone,

    Hope everyone's X-mas was good. We had our X-mas lunch/dinner at my sister's house. This year we went back to the traditional foods instead of the Bar-B-Que, chilli, or any other thing anybody wanted to bring. I have to admit I do like the traditional foods at holiday time.

    George and I are slowly getting settled into the travel trailer. It's very easy to keep clean, but in the same respect it just as easy to mess up. I've got to write a story about my first month in the trailer. It seemed at first that just about everyday something was going wrong. It took a month to just get the fridge working. I did find out one thing I never knew though. Did you know that you can run a fridge off LP gas. That's what mine is using for cooling at the moment. One of the best X-mas presents I got was from my nephew. I told him how on the narrow metal steps of the trailer that I had busted it twice going down them. So he made me some wide wooden steps for the door. George has learned how to navigate both up and down the steps now so I don't have to pick him up to get him outside.

    Well I'm heading out, so everyone have a good day.


  5. May your short week feel even shorter than it is, Maria.

    Dina, I love reflection shots (as you may have noticed) and a large part of that love is being able to "see" many different things in them.

    Well Farf, I say let your feelings toward Snippet run free -- it's more than possible to have someone say really nice things and have that some still be a major PITA.

    Howdy Whit. I'm glad you had a nice Xmas with the family. I can't wait to read about your story on the trailer.

  6. Waving madly from HOME! Where it's drizzly, but WARM! Prolly the same storm that's drenching Planet Georgia. I'm loving every second of it.

    Made it home safely last night, and am relaxing and enjoying my own peaceful space. Slowly unpacking and going thru mail. Will get back to work tomorrow - today I'm just soaking up the joy of being home.

    GREAT picture, andi!!

    Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend, and are having an easy week as the end of the year looms. Any big plans for NYE?

    Def looking forward to hearing about your trailer, Fam - I've missed your stories! And it's so good to hear from you.

    Happy day, all!

  7. Welcome home, Beth. Quiet NYE here -- dinner with my sister and some mutual friends.