Saturday, December 24, 2011

A Monstrously Good Christmas

to all who celebrate it.

Taken December 9, 2011.

Click image to see larger version


  1. Hi and bye to all -- we'll be off to Cincy soon. Hope everybody has a fine Saturday/Hanukkah/Christmas Eve.

  2. Awesome tree monster, Andi!

    A happy Christmas/holiday/weekend to all!

  3. Horribly good picture!

    Finally emerging from a horribly busy December where my head was barely above water at work. A three day weekend will be heavenly.

    Andi - belated Happy Hannukah. Merry Christmas to all who celebrate.

  4. Happy merry to everyone!

    maryb -- good to see you! I was thinking of you yesterday, wondering how you've been.

    Andi -- awesome photo.

  5. Great picture!

    Happy and merry to everyone.

    Be safe this weekend.

  6. Amazing tree! Just been out for a family lunch for my birthday (93 not out, who'd have thought it?) and getting ready for Christmas Day.

    Happy everything to one and all!

  7. Merry Happy Joyous Chrismakwanzukkah! Happy Saturnalia, Merry F*n Festivus, Gleeful Giftmas, and/or a very good non-holiday weekend to any and all. I am sure I have left someone out, but as Congress appears to be readying the nation for a return to some kind of feudal economy, likely with a stockade system, I assume they'll get my peasant ass sooner or later on this offense and/or the myriad others I may or may not have committed. I admit to nothing! I hope all of you are enjoying yourselves, each other, the season, and that none of you are singing while Granny walks through the fair. ;p

  8. Your a mean one, Mr. Gingrich. :)

    Now THAT is a tree with 'tude!

    The news is saying Occupiers have done $85K in damage to city parks. That's the 15 second sound byte called news here. However, they neglected to mention that the damage bill for our parks was posted in June of 2011. Ahem....

    It's illegal to be homeless or without a job but you have the freedom to spend all the money you don't have on people you don't have time to be with so you can pay for a shelter that will never be yours and to pay for your fair share which will neither be fair nor yours.

    Just wrapping up some Secret Santa gifties for two co-workers. Might have BOHICA over for some yummy cocoa.

    Wish you all could drop by, sit by the tree, hold a cat or two in your lap and help us Occupy Christmas :)

    Jen, I'll see you in the stockades. Getting our daily dose of pepper spray. The beatings will continue till morale improves.

    Merry Christmas

  9. Missed stopping in yesterday. Merry Christmas Eve, everyone! We're off to my sister's BIL's house for the annual family gathering - seafood dinner awaits. Then Christmas here with the adults and prime rib. Then I fly home Monday, and thaw out. 25 out there right now - it's pretty, as long as I stay inside.

    Have a wonderful celebration this evening, all!

  10. Back from Cincy after a really nice day.

    Hi Maria. Hope your slacking plans are going well.

    Hey Mary, excellent to "see" you and your head. Also, Hanukkah is still going on so not belated at all.

    Hi Candis. A merrily unstressful time to you.

    Hope you had a great day, Dina, and all set to enjoy the upcoming vegging.

    Happy Birthday! And Merry Christmas, Nicky.

    And Jen wins the Comment of the Day (and here I didn't even know there was a competition).

    I've just been at a house with cats, Janet, but they were unconcerned with Christmas or my lap as they were busy occupying a couch.

    Howdy, Beth. Happy holidays and happy going home soon.

  11. Hello to all. Pleasant day with family today. Hoping for merry Christmas out in the woods tomorrow.

    I think Andi's photo looks like an Ent.

  12. Hallooo all, and good luck on surviving the holidays…or enjoying them if that's your kink.

    Andi, freaking fabulous tree monster. Hope it didn't eat any of the pups.