Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Living in the Sticks

Taken November 26, 2011.

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  1. ... continued from last night.

    I prefer Carol Cane doing the Ghost of Christmas Present in Scrooged for revving up my Christmas spirit, Beth. :)

    ... back to today.

    OTOH, it's 55 (55!) here right now so it really doesn't feel very Christmassy. Note to the weather gods: not complaining!

  2. Morning all! Looks like the backside of the manor there, but snow here is *atypical*.

    Been raining here since yesterday, and probably won't really stop until Christmas Eve. And we've got Skylar for a while. The Boy & Snippet will supposedly hit the manor Friday. I expect that they'll be off seeing friends after resting up from the drive (The Boy) & making a big show of how much they missed Mason (Snippet). In the meantime, who knows?

    Off to face the morning. (Turns back on morning, bends over, drops pants.)

  3. Seconds Andi's plea to the weather gods! Warm here and a bit of rain. I'd MUCH rather have that than the snowpocalypse.

    Lovely sepia tone pic today, Andi.

    Farf, I wish you a calm, quiet holiday!

    @ the mimes today and hoping for more of the same quiet days we've been having.

    Happy Wednesday!

  4. Somebody up there is listening! It's damp and warm here too, a pleasure after last year's freeze, even though the snow was pretty - for a day or so, but boring after that.

    Had a spot of news yesterday, Harlequin are publishing my cozy mystery, Murder Fortissimo, in April 2012. I knew they'd bought it but had no idea of the date - dying to see what cover they choose!

  5. It looks like that here too right now, which is just wrong. Not the sticks part. That's fine. It's the brown that alarms me. We should have at least a foot of snow on the ground and we've got nothing. The big white dogs are not invisible out there, and that makes me sad.

    Get well vibes sent Maria's way, and a big hallooo to everyone else, especially FM if he stops by again.

  6. There's no such thing as global warming (rinse and repeat)

    Strange weather indeed. Just ask the folks in Durbin, Africa.

    Messing with my meds has made me realize that yoga helps me out alot but haven't been able to go back for a while due to my stomache issues. which I think is due to the high dosage of Naproxin (nsaids) they give me for athritis. Could explain the "d" word alot. BUT if I lower the dose I can feel my shoulder, neck and collarbone areas just ache and hurt. Hard to take a shirt off again. So I know I need the medicine but maybe not so much or a different kind(?)

    Maybe if I went to another country and had them look at me they'd be able to diagnose me properly so I can come back and be healthy(?) LOL

    Got to buy christmas food/snackage and buy two secret santa gifties for work.

    I like the movies: Christmas Vacation and It's a Wonderful Life. Which is more It's a Wonderful Move Your Money movie :)

  7. Today has been such a mishmash of things - I thought everyone was very quiet here until I finally realized I hadn't posted today.

    So waves to all, sending good health vibes and good weather vibes around.

  8. Apparently we've got almost the same system as you Farf -- rain, rain, and more rain but ours is stopping Friday.

    If our weather is heading your way, Maria, then snow isn't very likely. We're losing our highs in the 50s but we're staying solidly in the 40s.

    Excellent news, Nicky! Getting published by Harlequin out to get your books on the shelves in a lot of places.

    Apparently that problem is widespread, Kelly. I was talking to a friend of mine in Boston last night and they had planned to go camping/snowshoeing up in New Hampshire but they aren't going because there's no snow.

    My vote, Janet, for best Christmas movie is A Christmas Story.

    Well glad you forgot, Dina, because your comment made me realize I'd forgotten to come by all day too.