Saturday, December 31, 2011

Let's Dance the Night Away

Happy New Year's Eve.

Taken December 13, 2011.

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  1. ... continued from yesterday.

    Thanks Kelly.

    Janet, yep -- Whit = Family Man and he still has a little dog named George.

  2. Happy NY Eve, yo!

    Will be dancing in my dreams tonight as I will probably crash before the clock strikes 2012. ::g::

    Hope all of y'all's celebrations - whether quiet or not go well.

    ::raises virtual mimosa::

  3. Happy New Year's Eve! I am with Maria, and plan to be in bed, fast asleep but everyone celebrating, do so safely.

  4. We have visiting cousins but mercifully they're not the kind to want to party the night away! A genteel, ladylike dinner and maybe stay awake long enough to see the New Year in, that'll do us.

    Happy New Year everyone! I wish Safety, Health, Solvency and Fulfilment - if we have those, the happiness ought to turn up pretty promptly!

  5. Happy New Year to the 99% of us!

    Here's to hoping the Max train runs after midnight. We'll be at the hockey game in PDX and after the game they have a NYE's party. Wes will be working it. Danni and I are going out for dinner at an Irish Pub right off the Max line before the arena. (Where we go after marches that Wayne attends with me)

    I'm hoping for Peace, Sanity and the Restoration of our Air, Water, Forests and Schools. Because those are "Dirty Effing Hippies" morals. Life is not about the accumulation of wealth. It's not about greed and ignorance. Or apathy.

    Hope everyone wakes up in 2012.

  6. …and now I have that Van Halen song stuck in my head. :-P

    May those in bed before midnight, sleep peacefully. May those staying up, have much fun!

    Janet, a second ultimatum? He just blew off the first one? He sounds like Lobster, hoping that inertia will carry the day. Put his stuff on the doorstep, change your locks if he has a key, and inform the IRS yourself that he's no longer a resident and has no forwarding address (it may not keep them from bothering you, but at least it'll be on record). And… like with the brother, I think the restoration things will also be a DIY affair. Unfortunately.

    Oh, and if he doesn't change his address? Mark all his mail "moved - no forwarding address" & drop it back in the box. Another turn in the paper trail.

  7. Happy New Year to everybody.

    Enjoy your quiet night and have a Happy New Year's Eve slumber.

    The biggest danger we'll face, Dina, is not drunk drivers but deer that love to wait until you are right up by them and then jump out in the road.

    A genteel, ladylike dinner, Nicky? Why that sounds like it could be a scene in one of your books ... right before the murder occurs. :)

    Happy Hockey New Year, Janet.

    Sorry, Farf. Just hum Auld Lang Syne for a while to get rid of it. :D