Friday, December 9, 2011

Hanging On Till the End of Day

Taken November 16, 2011.

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  1. Is it morning? Yeah, think so.

    Today is a recording day. Hoping to get at least another 5-6 chapters read.

    Cold & clear weather, FTW!

    Happy Friday, y'all!

  2. Definitely hanging on today, by my fingernails. Some days are diamonds - this week has had a few too many days of stone.

    Heading north to San Clemente to spend the night with great friends, then Mexico tomorrow. Wish I was excited about it. I know I shouldn't whine, but the timing sucks.

    Anyway, TGIF, y'all. Be safe.

  3. Here's to better days ahead!

  4. It looks like a the tree is offering a bouquet to the sky.

    Yesterday's photo had me thinking:

    "Shim shimmery, shim shimmery
    Shim shim sharoo
    That lake looks so icy
    and so pretty, too!"

    Adoring Neverwehere. Can't believe I hadn't read it before. I looked at a few minute of the DVD that came in from Netflix and it's poor quality. But it reminds me of the BBC quality of The Day of the Triffids. But already this book could be made into such a fantastic movie. I wonder if the people behind Doctor Who would want to give it a go? Gaiman's worked with them before... It kinda reminds moe MirrorMask. Which is a delight for the eyes.

    Met a lady at work last night who was diagnosed in her late 20s as having vertigo. Turns out a decade later or so she actually has MS. She's in her 60s and even gave me her number to talk. The lady in line next to her got in the chat because she's a naturapath and said that I should definitely be checked and that the galbladder surgery is probably why I'm experiencing so many... tummy and toilet issues. But that I should still finish the lab work for colitis and celiac. Don't want it to be celiac as damn.. you can't eat anything on that.

    AND my yoga instructor's assistant came in and I really need to go back. It's hard though. 1 hour and 45 minutes is LONG when you have irritable bowell type issues.

    Gotta get off my butt today and get the lab work done and make an appt with an eye doctor.

  5. Hope the recording went well, Maria.

    Sorry you aren't fully enjoying your trip, Beth.

    Good sentiment, Dina.

    I like that description of the photo, Janet. There was talk a couple of years ago about a Neverwhere movie but nothing seemed to happen.

  6. I think KMc and Doc KMc could be wonderful actors in an updated version of it. :)

    Of course, I'd like to audition for it, too. :)

  7. What character do you want to be, Janet? If I could act, I'd love to be the Marquis de Carabas.

    Danni would be a great Door.

  8. Andi, love that saturated blue!

    Janet, That'd be fun, though I haven't acted in an age. Had another walk andchat with white dog's and their person today-been talking about how not to get pigeonholed in a writing career and philosophy of art, and things like hat. Lot's of fun. Oh, and Celiac isn't nearly as bad as it was a decade ago. The options are much broader, and if it is the case, I can point you at a ton of resources,

    Beth, hugs and sympathy o. Having travel when you don-wanna. Been there. Not fun. Hugs and sympathy offered.

    Maria! seconding Andi.

    Dina, hope life is treating you well.

    Gotta scamper now. TTFN!