Friday, December 30, 2011

Garden of Ice III

Taken December 8,9, 10, 2011.

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  1. Comely crystallofolia.

    After 8 months of trying to get a standby generator installed and working, yesterday afternoon it finally went online and is working.

  2. Point of clarification: finding someone to install it took 6 months (mostly waiting on a guy who kept saying he would come out but didn't), the rest of the time was waiting for delivery and getting it installed.

  3. Oh and since the F's are making announcements today, I would like to announce that I will be joining Jim in retirement at the end of the day today.

  4. Congrats Andi!!!!

    Wonderful to have the security of the generator.

    Been beautiful days here. Up in the 60s.

    Quiet weekend planned here.

    Beth, wench outfit and troprock. Andi's right, we need pics. Enjoy being Home.

    Maria and Kit, enjoy your long weekend.

    Farf, you've made such good writing progress this year. WooHoo.

    A great end of the week and year to all.

  5. WOW, what the heck has gotten into you people this morning? I expected VGW, but there's a whole conversation happening. ::g::

    Andi!! Happy Retirement!!!!!!

    I was able to get sleep last night and woke around 6. woohoo! Planning to spend a little time this morning organizing my desk. We'll see how that goes.

    Weather is back up into the ridiculous - 50s today, but the arctic blast is headed our way for Monday/Tuesday. Oh well, guess it couldn't last. :(

    Happy NY Eve eve to all!

  6. Hooray for generator hookup! Double-hooray for retirement!!!!

    Thanks much, Lisa. I kind of wish we had 60s here, but it was pleasant enough yesterday to replenish the woodpile, with more for today.

    Maria, good luck with the desk org'ing. I really need to tame the jungle that is my space as well. And yup, January = cold. That's how it works.


  7. Andi - great news!!! Enjoy the retirement.

    Glad you guys got the generator up and running. So annoying when people promise to come and never show up.

    Beth, sounds like a good time.

    Maria, desk organizing may not be fun but I hope it is easy and worth it.

    Waves to everyone else!

  8. andi, retirement?! Wow! Many congrats!! I'm thrilled that the two of you can now focus your energies into full-time playing and relaxing! And congrats on the generator - service ain't what it used to be.

    I promise pix of the outfit if I can get someone to take them - I've been working on it for days, and hope that It's suitable, without spending a ton of money on authentic stuff. There are some amazing costumes out there! Maybe the next time I'm in Key West I'll buy a piece or two of "nice" stuff. In the meantime, what I have will do.

    Have a great weekend, y'all! Stay warm - 71 here today, but 50 by Tuesday, brrrr. Good thing I sat out in the sun this morning for a bit.

    Happy New Year's Eve Eve!

  9. Thanks all for the retirement congrats.

    Lisa, temps in the 60s sound like a fine way to bring in the new year.

    We're getting cold temps here too, Maria, but it's going to start warming back up on Wednesday.

    It's been warm enough to work on wood here, Farf, but with all the rain we've had, it's all been way too muddy.

    I'm sure I will enjoy it, Dina. Really looking forward to getting to take vacations when we want, instead of being limited to when Jim is out of school.

    I'm sure you can get someone to take a picture, Beth; just let them know how many people are desperately waiting to see you in that outfit. :)

  10. Lovely photos and major congratulations on the retirement news Andi! Hope it gives you a lot more time for rambling.

  11. Also, belatedly, Janet, love the 99purcent tumblr!

  12. Hola from Beervana!

    Wes is at game 2 of three this week. Last game, he handed out beanies and hats. He was very thrilled and slightly overwhelmed but it's all good experiences and learning.

    Love the ice flowers! And a happy retirement to Andi.

    Whit = Family Man? I remember Family man had a little dog named George.

    Good luck with the lab results Maria.

    Kelly, glad you likee. Pootilitical. Still cracks me up the slide of your cats having a "meeting" and the one who is being ignored says, "fine I hope they DO eat you". Classic!

    Beth, bring your 'drobe out with you next to you hit Portland. We're known for that crazy, wenchzilla schtuff :)

    Game my brother another ulitimatum. Move ALL your stuff out. Not just a few things. Get that IRS stuff worked out or at least tell/write/alert them that you do not live here. Don't need the taxtapo dudes busting down my doors. Imagine them showing up with Wes is alone. ACK.

    He didn't show up for Xmas as he said he was sick. Turns out... he was with a girl and had planned it that way for a week.

    Sitting here in sweaters sipping vanilla chai and listening to the rain and my daughter strum.