Friday, December 23, 2011

Garden of Ice II

Taken December 1 and 2, 2011.

Click image to see larger version


  1. Pretty pretties!

    Slept in a bit this a.m. and feeling a bit hermit-ish today. My recording plans are scarpered for now - the shock mount for the mic didn't arrive yesterday but is on the truck for delivery today. Side effect of needing stuff during Xmas rush, I suppose. Oh well.

    Perhaps I'll focus on the 1 chore I want to take care of before the new year: cleaning out the desk drawers...or maybe not.

    Maybe I'll just veg & read & watch more Downton Abbey. :)

    Happy Friday/Xmas eve eve!

  2. Morning Gang!!

    Supposed to get to 45 today. Rain and maybe a bit of snow likely between now and Christmas. Just hoping the roads aren't too slicky for drive to family Christmas Eve and Day events. But temps aren't supposed to be deep freeze.

    If so, we can live off the land here. Firewood delivered and enough food in the freezer/pantry so we are ready.

    Nicki--Wonderful to have a date for the Harlequin release. Enjoy that warmer weather and time with the family. I know it will be a crowd.

    Maria, the flipside with quiet holiday. It's a good thing. I'm excited to see the first audio book is available. How fun to have the author reading it. You have the opportunity to release that inner actress.

    Farf, yeah for snow. Mason will enjoy it and we'll expect pics. I can smell your rolls/bread in the oven soon.

    Beth, Enjoy time with family. You'll be home and in the sun soon.

    Andi and Jim, the time with family will help you enjoy solitude with the pups. Safe travels.
    Andi,Sniff has made an appearence on my blog.
    Helping me find balance. Your credit is at the end of the article. Thanks so much for sharing pics.

    Waves and good wishes to Dina, Candis, Kelly, Janet, and all that follow.

  3. Simply gorgeous.

    Nicki, congrats on the Harlequin release, that's fabulous.

    Family xmas celebration today with Dr.Mc's family.

  4. Love these ice forest pictures - nothing like a good ice storm as long as you don't have to drive in it and no one loses power.

    Quiet day today until I go over to friends for a holiday dinner.

    And I am beginning to think Christmas will be celebrated with a pizza and hard cider.

    Hope everyone is having a great holiday season whatever you celebrate!

  5. I hope you voted for Downton Abbey, Maria.

    Hi Candis.

    Lisa, Sniff was really pleased to be your inspiration for that great post. Hope everybody arrives for Christmas and that you have a lovely holiday.

    Enjoy the celebration, Kelly, and all those that follow.

    Dina, the frost flowers aren't created by ice storms. Here's an explanation of what causes them: When the soil is warm enough for root structures to remain active rather than going dormant for the winter, and when the outside air above the soil line is below freezing, juices inside the plant's vasculature seep out of the plant and freeze as they make contact with the icy air. Sometimes the juices even freeze inside the plant only to be forced out. The name of "frost flower" comes from the fact that ice crystals will be pushed out in curling, ornate, petal-like shapes that closely resemble a blooming flower.