Monday, December 5, 2011

Follow the Leader?

Taken November 19, 2011.

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  1. Jim, you should totally spend the day cuddled indoors with Andi & doggies. :)

    I'm off to the mimes in a few. Started the morning with a kitty face in my own face about 2 minutes before my alarm was due to go off. Timing, or what?

    Cooked up some steel cut oats in almond milk (nom!) and am ready to face a tedious day of coding, aka, updating imported articles from a client's old website. It's boring, but passes the time.

    Spent a lovely day yesterday watching Upstairs Downstairs season 1 via Netflix streaming and being lazy.

    Happy Monday!

  2. I left a post last night, but maybe it got scotched because there were three links in it (to another blog-buddy's poetry). Mrf.

    Still not doing wonderful, health-wise. I emailed in sick. If I get some motivation, I might download a spec I'm supposed to review & approve.

  3. Woke to Jack Frost grafitti. Brrrr.

    Maria, I love love love almond milk :)

    Farf, sorry you're a sick puppy today.

    Had a bad day at work Thursday so I'm not sure about today going in. Bit apprehensive about work as they are starting to change things in a way that makes us go grrrrrr. But they are playing the "you should be grateful you have a job" card to people. Guess they are making enough money now...

    Had another nightmare the night before. Almost like the one I have from time to time about the being stabbed in the neck while laying peacefully with Wayne in bed in the morning and then tickled as I bleed out (which highly annoys me in the dream - the being tickled and not being able to scream out about it) But this time... the guy stabbing turns out to be my brother. So I think the dream is really about privacy issues.

    I've started Neverwhere on my nook. I realized I had started to read it long time ago and neverfinished it. So that makes about 6 of Gaiman's books on my nook. Along with the Brave New Worlds shorties. :)

    gotta run DanDan off to school because it's so cold she might die if she had to walk... snark.

  4. Hi everyone.

    I missed that Maria got the car back! So glad - they certainly took their time.

    Farf, sorry you are sick.

    Janet, what an awful dream. I hope it is the last time you have it.

    I am still playing catch up today but things are getting done.

  5. We didn't snuggle, Maria, but when we had some errands to run, we did take them with us, instead of leaving out in the rain.

    It didn't get caught in the spambox, Farf -- don't know what happened to it. Hope you feel better soon.

    I really liked Neverwhere, Janet. They made a decent TV version of it -- it's worth watching if you can find it.

  6. That'll teach me not to refresh before I post ... hi, Dina.

  7. Halloo all,

    Janet, hope you get your health problems diagnosed and that they are on the more easily mitigated end of the scale. I know it made a huge difference in Dr.McC's life when, after ten years of health problems, we finally found out she was celiac.

    Had a long snowshoe in the woods this afternoon without dogs—they'd gone to the vet when I arrived—and then a half mile run in the snow with dogs when I got back. Completely wiped me out, and I've been sipping hot chocolate and eating chili to recover.


  8. Hey KMc, celiac is one of the things they'll be testing me for when I get a chance to go in this week for the lab work. It's real annoying not being able to have some idea of what to do or not do. All will work out eventually. It usually does, right? :)

    Andi, I have the Neverwhere disc here from Netflix - well part 1 of 2. Started to watch it and I realized... "this isn't American Gods"... I think I had the two mixed up in my head.

  9. Drive-by hi, after a week offline. Which was wonderful! Now flying to SoCal tomorrow. But I'll be back online starting Wednesday, and will try to catch up.

    Had an amazing time in Key West - really hard to come home from Paradise. And really dreading this 3 week trip. Just don't want to be away from home, and away from my guy. It'll all be fun, and I know I can't complain about wonderful vacations, but Beth the Road Warrior just wants to stay home. Don't ever remember feeling this way about traveling...maybe the times they are a'changing...

    More soon from the other side of the continent.