Saturday, December 10, 2011

Finding Focus

Taken November 15, 2011.

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  1. If you find it, Andi, would you send it my way. I certainly lost it.

    Happy weekend, everyone!

  2. Forgot to check follow up - can you tell???

  3. Sublime! Andi and Jim, you need to somehow make some moolah from your art.

    Going up to christmas mountain to moiderize a tree. First one in over a decade since Princess Tree Hugger fuhreaked out on a tree farm as a toddler. We've had an ugly plastic one ever since. Ick. But today we change! We go out and seek a tree to cut down with our own bare hands. I bet she freaks out again. LOL

    Kelly, that sounds awesome, I'd love some info IF that's what it is. And next time Mr. Dog Owner does audio book auditions let me know. I am a storyteller and reader :)

    So when are you going to be coming to PDX? We do sell books here. Powells... it's this fairly big book store :) After you rest up a bit of course.

    hello Candis, Dina and all!

    Damn pooties are trying to get on my lap while I'm using the laptop. Evil pooties.

  4. Andi, Danni can't act. She can't even lie well :) But she is my image of Door as I read. She does have the waif look down.

    I love acting! Miss it so much. It's like I can't breathe fully if I'm not up on a stage or round. So yeah, I'm hooked by I'm out laying on the shore...

    I think playing bad guys is fun. Being evil is always more enjoyable. >:)

    I don't think Gaiman can ever be pigeonholed. He's much like my favorite singer/songwriter philosopher, artist, comedian - Peter Himmelman. Who I have met several times. I love him.

    Gainman is much like him. In that he does several things and keeps a connection with his readers. I think I like Gaiman because you can tell he LOVES books, stories and that he probably used books the same you did - to escape. Reading was my lifeboat in a sea of chaos. Horror, fantasy, sci-fi, children, poetry, dysptopian, even zombie gore. Novels and novellas and shorties. Books, movies, Doctor Who!

    Sorry.... I'm a Gaiman fan. We all are in this house. Each of us for various, differing reasons.

    And I love that he rescues pooties and a big white dog.

  5. Dina, my fallback this time of year is to focus on how lovely spring will be when it arrives.

    Hi Candis.

    Ah the perfect teenager, Janet -- one who can't lie. I was just thinking about roles for you, Janet, and I decided you would make a great Mother Courage.

  6. Hmmm not far into the book yet. I hope Mother Courage is a drinker? :)

    Got the tree, all is happy now. Walked all over to find "THE" tree. Fitting that Danni was the one to find because we've been mercifully teasing her about having to have a plastic tree all this time because of her.

    You guys are authors, I have a dear friend who has a way with words and ... two Emmys. Hockey friend who also used to be Son House's manager and friend. He cracks me up almost as much as our beloved IndyLib/Jen. Here's just some of the great shiiiite he writes in our hockey chat. Thought you'd dig this one from him.

    "Son and me used to hang out and jam and swig a little. He tried to convert me all the time as he had been a preacher. But there was a hellhound on my trail. And I had a bag o Snausages in my pocket."

  7. Mother Courage isn't in Neverwhere. She's a character in a Brecht play. In Neverwhere, the part for you is Hunter.

    If he's got snausages, those hellhounds are probably Sniff and Bebo. :)

  8. Howdy from Mexico! Made it safely, had dinner, bought groceries, and am checking mail before crashing for the night. Thanks for the good wishes - sorry to whine about a vacation, but sometimes they're more of a duty than a pleasure. I'll stop complaining, but really can't wait to get home. Lesson learned - never do something to please someone else when it doesn't please you. I'm a slow learner.

    Happy weekend, y'all - enjoy a peaceful Sunday tomorrow!