Thursday, December 1, 2011

Covering the Spread

Taken November 6, 2011.

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  1. What a lovely picture! I wish the insomnia fairy would see it and fly away.

    Hope everyone else is getting a good night's sleep.

  2. Bummer on the insomnia, Dina. I hope you get a nice long nap in. I woke up early today again but this time it was after 6 solid hours of sleep so I'm feeling lots better than yesterday.

  3. Sleep, yes, indeedy. I love it. Had to take a 1/2 a muscle relaxant last night but it worked & I got about 7 hrs.

    Got to the mimes and discovered my beloved deli/grill is closed! For a good reason, they are moving in to a new space (same building) and the final stuff is being done right now. So much for a hot brekkie. Oh well.

    Still no car.

    Kelly, I hear ya on the closing of the Smart Center. My local one closed, too, and the nearest one is a ways away. That's part of why my car is at my local indy mechanic. It's really annoying.

    Been a weird, discombobulated week. But hey, it's December!

    Happy Thursday.

  4. Something about that pic looks strange — did you take it with the widest angle or something?

    December came in with frosting. My toes are cold, I went out to take a pic of a chicken statue someone stole & left in a nearby field, but the lighting was wrong. Should be better (and warmer) by noon.

  5. Had a really great talk with my son last night. Got a pick into the world of autism. He thinks of it as a punishment and that he's "stupid". I said autism is why he feels mad, sad, lonely, frustrated. But it's also why he is able to memorize, make lists, photograph things the way he does.

    Told him that his teacher is more like Obi Wan Kenobi. He has always not wanted to "be" autistic. Now I think he's ready to embrace autism and realize that the program he's in to get the things he needs to survive as an autistic. Not just a time to see girls - girls who don't want to be his friends... and he's missing out on other relationship opportunities.

    I'm wiped out. But very hopeful and positive. Talked to his teacher this morning and he called it an "aha!" time.

    Being disabled in America really, really sucks.

    Going to go see BOHICA play at the Mississippi tonight. Won't stay long as Danni is out with the flu.

    Have a great Thursday - Fake Friday :)

  6. Rats, Maria. Really sorry you still don't have the car. :(

    2.8 Farf which is as wide as my camera goes. We were down in the mid-20s this morning but it warmed up to the 40s which was nice.

    Feel better soon, Danni. Have a great time tonight, Janet.