Monday, December 19, 2011

Bebo and Sniff Dream Warm Thoughts for Beth

Taken December 11, 2011.

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  1. Oh thank you! I can feel them already! Pats fans left me alone, since they were winning. Good beer helped me get over the loss, too.

    The "feels like" temp is 11 - coldest day of the year. I have an hour before I head to the train to make my way up to NH. You think those warm thoughts might bring the temp up 50 degrees in an hour? :)

    Hope everyone else is warmer than me today...

  2. Morning Beth. High is forecast to be 48 today and 52 tomorrow so maybe those warm thoughts and temps will both make their way to NH.

  3. Morning, gang!

    Beth, I shiver in empathy. Our temps will be like Andi's today - weirdly warm for December.

    Ended the weekend with a fabulous holiday party thrown by Wildside Press. Paella to die for and amazing desserts plus the company of friends. Who could ask for more?

    Now I'm looking forward to the long Xmas weekend ahead. Lots of time to work on audio recordings (I'm all pro now with a mic stand, acoustic enhancement filter thingie, etc). There will also be more relaxing & reading.

    Wishing you all a great day!

  4. Morning all!

    Beth, too bad about the game. I caught a bit of ESPN at lunch one day this week where they were drawing comparisons between Tebow & Brady.

    Andi, high today is 58. Then it rains the rest of the week, keeping the temps up. This has been a warmer than usual December so far.

    Maria, mucho relaxing & reading!

    Mason is awake, but not demanding to be let out yet (he can get cranky if got up too early). I have about enough time to say… "later!"

  5. Hi, all. Nice winter day here. Can't complain - a nice fire will take away the chill.

    Beth, hope you don't get too cold.

    Everyone enjoy.

  6. Look at those two lazy dogs. :)

    Off to the mimes.

    Showdown with my brother and my husband today. He's still not out even though his room is available at his new place. Even though he had 2 days off work to move - he went out instead. UGH!

  7. Hey Lisa, I hope you get some wetness out of the southwest storm but avoid the blizzard.

  8. The food sound fantastic, Maria, and the company of friends even better. Sounds like your lead-up to the holiday is off to a good start.

    We've had a lot of balmy temps, Farf, but we've also had a lot of cold ones (lows down into the teens). It's been a rather strange December.

    Hi Dina. Hope the weather says nice through all the holiday happenings.

    Janet, the dogs say that aren't the least little bit lazy -- they are just helping heat the house by storing up the heat from the stove and then radiating it out into the rest of the house.

  9. My cat has a burr up it's butt or something. He's going nuts. N.V. T. S. nuts. (for Mel Brooks fans)

    He's just running around the house all happy.

    Must be his way of heating up the house eh Andi? :)

    Hrrrrm... yay New England. Apparently Tebow doesn't realize that Jesus loves us more ROFL.

    And... I do hope that the Lord Saviour spends more time helping starving, dying children than he does worrying about football games, acadamy awards and beauty pageants.

    Oh wait.. I'm an atheist. So I don't buy into that "why do football players think God gives a rip about wins over famine, war, and suffering" stuff. Maybe that's why I love hockey. >:)