Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Bathing the Moon

A bit of weirdness: this is at sunrise and it's in the southern sky.

Taken November 19, 2011.

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  1. Oh, that's just gorgeous, andi...big sigh.

  2. Pinkitude!!!

    DSL seems to have recovered — I had to reenter the email password from the ISP into the modem to get it going. Odd that — they must have done a master reset or something. Things were groaning at first, maybe because all the apps I have running (and I do have a lot of them) all tried phoning home at once, but it seems to be jogging along nicely. I can work at home!

    OK, time to get started, I suppose…

  3. The moon's beauty made the sky blush.

    Reminds me of the old diddy

    Red sky at night, sailor's delight.
    Red sky in the morning, sailor's be warning.

    One happy thing yesterday at work, met an OLD lady who is now an Occupier. why? because her grandson was arrested and beaten in Oakland. Her and her friends are awake and aware and she's letting people know. I love that! :) The more the "cops" beat us, the more people realize it's a police state. "it's starts when you're always afraid..."

    Have a fearless and free day. Stand up to the man!

    Bring the fam, Andi? Phhhpt. I take holidays from them. :) Haven't in some time. Normally I go to San Jose and get my hockey fix.

  4. Love the picture - hang the moon and ain't she lovely!

  5. For Jim and Janet -- look at the perfection of this iced over lake.

    Youtube Video 1

    Youtube Video 2

  6. So very gorgeous!!

    A quick drive by - today was one of those days... busy and crazy busy.

    Catch you all at some point!

  7. Hi Beth -- no need to sigh. I'm pretty sure that have moons in Mexico ... and even in New Hampshire. ;)

    Glad to hear you're back to speed, Farf.

    I can't imagine you coming all this way, Janet, without the family. But escaping for a hockey fix sounds just right.

    Hi Dina and Kelly. Hope you are both feeling in the pink.

    What a location for skating, Candis. Wow.

    Howdy Maria. Hope the day went well.

  8. Oh wow. Candis!

    Skating on the sky. How cool!

  9. XOXOCANDISX)X) That is so amazing! Sharing that with all my hockey family.

    It's like hockey in heaven! Thank you