Tuesday, November 1, 2011

What We Stand For

Both photos taken October 14, 2011.
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  1. Ah, once again I get to scribble on the VGW.

    ^^^°U°^^^ ← FARf was here!

    Janet, I heart PDX too! Hope the inflammation thing gets resolved quickly. Sounds like a real pain in the… well, anyway, hope it gets fixed!

    Was talking with my dad yesterday, told him we had our first frost Sunday morning. "Funny," he said, "we haven't had a frost yet." Seeing as he's 600 miles north, I guess you could call that global weirding.

    Daughter Dearest has a concert tonight — the whole chorus this time, not just her. By the way, here's some pics from the recital on Sunday. So anyway, I'm mime'ing at home today.

    Speaking of mimes, time to get to it…

  2. Off to the Lab
    to see what's on the slab
    - Rocky :)

    Big win for Bike Paths in the Senate today. Whoot!

    Danni raised $102 for UNICEF last night. Big change from last year when some dopes slammed the door shut. I think #OWS is waking people up in that regard.

    Tomorrow is Liberation Day for Oakland. General Strike Day.

    And we are officially free from cable. No more paying to be lied to by CNN, MSNBC and the Murdering Murdochs.

  3. Hi all. I am feeling very accomplished today because I have done the following:
    . had a walk with the dogs
    . been to the credit union*
    . taken back and gotten new books from the library
    . picked up some new headphones*
    . had the wheels of the car looked at (just brake pad dust)*
    . dropped Jim off to skate*
    . bought dog food and dog chews
    . bought myself some new jeans
    . got my boobs mashed
    . picked up Jim from skating*
    . gone to the grocery store*
    . looked at Farf's OMFSM cake

    * done with Jim