Monday, November 14, 2011

What a Maroon

Taken October 31, 2011.

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  1. Who can live in the woods?
    And to get what you wish, only just for a moment--
    These are dangerous woods..*

    Hoping to get OUT of the woods today with the car. Taking it over to the dealer & hoping the verdict won't be too expensive.

    Got the final audio of Matters of the Blood recorded on Saturday & uploaded for final approval. w00t! Even began Blood Bargain (book 2) last night, as a "dip the toe" in measure.

    Hope everyone had a great weekend!!

    * Lyrics courtesy of "Moments in the Woods", Into the Woods, Stephen Sondheim

  2. Car stuff sucks. :( Hope it's resolved soon, Maria!

    Ah, the woods. I love the beach, but miss the mountains and woods. Enjoy them for me, andi. I better go to the beach today to soothe my soul.

    Still fighting a cold, but I think I'm winning. Work server was off and on all weekend, so I had hours of crazy work and hours of waiting. Hopefully it's fixed today.

    Went to a pirate party on Saturday, and had a successful reign as a wench. Maybe this costume thing isn't all that bad after all.

    Hoping for a peaceful week ahead before a quick trip across the state to see my twin. Funny how my traveling bug has died completely - dreading leaving my comfy home and routine. Where did Road Beth go?

    Happy Monday, y'all!

  3. Maria, good luck with the car.

    Beth, I am not surprised that the travel bug is gone - I am surprised at how long it lasted!

    Happy Monday.

  4. Add Portland to the list of towns with rabid riot cops. Many hurt yesterday and last night. Street Urchins aka Druggies (not exactly homeless, just kids who like hanging out) have completely crapped out the encampment for the actual Occupiers. Portland needs to do something bigger, better than just taking over parks. I loved the action how we marched to Credit Unions.

    Wes was dressed, thanks to dad. But I got up and noticed he was wearing sneakers. And white socks. ACK. All got fixed before the bus showed up. He is now full on excitd about it and now nervous about not getting the job. A full 180. Here on Planet Autism, things are more like a rollercoaster. Hell, as Farf can tell you, we have our own language, too. :P Mostly foul language. Stress and living with a young adult who has no inner monologue can do that to you. What's a few F bombs when it keeps your head on somewhat straight? :)

    Car troubles. Wayne is now in full raingear mode as he bikes to work. Rain sweeps everything into the bike lane. He's had 5 tubes lost. Especially now since cuts to road repair and clean up. Yay Rethugs. It sucks changing tubes while it's raining and dark. I never complain about waiting for the windows to defrost or for it to warm up in the car. Not around him. LOL Keeps things in perspective for me.

    Monday. Our School Levy failed. Thanks to arsehats and their hate of investing in the community. Taxes are an investment. Fairies don't come in the night like Santa or Baby Jesus and fix everything. Republican "Reality" must be nice. But then ignorance is bliss...blissfully criminal and cowardice.

    Hopeful but feeling the early warning pangs of a full Hate On approaching. Must be the holidays and their incessant buzz.

  5. Nice quote, Maria. Good luck with the car. Congrats on finishing the recording.

    You could have gone as Anne Bonny, Beth, and then you could have been a pirate and a wench.

    Happy Monday afternoon to you, Dina.

    Hoping for a better week for you and the family, Janet.

  6. WESLEY GOT THE JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    He is officially now an employee with the Portland Winterhawks which is a part of the WHL (Western Hockey League)

    We are so excited and proud!

  7. We (Andi, Sniff, Bebo, & me) are so happy for Wes and all of you.

  8. Funny, andi, Anne Bonny is a character in my second book...I should have thought of that! :)

    Congrats Wes!

    It's almost time for today's blog to post, so I'd better go to bed - long day of work and no beach. Maybe tomorrow...

  9. Oh, and dina, no kidding!! I'll be gone 3 weeks in December and I'm kicking myself - it sounded like a good idea when I made the plans last summer, sigh. It'll be a great trip, but all I want to do is stay home...