Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunday Poetry Post

Light in November

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by John Hall Wheelock

"A planet doesn't explode of itself," said drily
The Martian astronomer, gazing off into the air—
"That they were able to do it is proof that highly
intelligent beings must have been living there."


  1. Beam me up, Scotty...

    Yet another gorgeous fall shot. Thanks for letting me enjoy the seasons vicariously through your eyes, Fs!

    Off to Pensacola. But first, have to get my tire fixed. Got home from Jax last night to find it flat. Not sure how long I drove with it that way, ugh. Now to find a tire place open on Sunday...

    I'll check in from the Panhandle. Have a great day, all!

  2. Lovely picture, nasty tire.

    Have a great trip, Beth.

    Good Sunday to all.

  3. Andi, Thanks for reminding me of Denise Mina. I realize I've had her on "the list" for some time now. already a Crombie fan and a Donna Leon fan (although I haven't read all of hers).

  4. Hi Jim.

    Beautiful autumn photo. I love that bit of reflection in water in the lower left.

    Great poem too.