Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sunday Poetry Post


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Learning the Patience of the Spider....
by Ric S. Bastasa

by patience is the
spider's trick &
i am learning
such virtue, &
when i am
confronted with
such a situation
that demands
the quick action
of temper, I,
simply spit,
spin my web
& in it, I,
entangle you.


  1. Lovely picture and poem. Wish I could be more patient but I think I tend to have the quick action of temper.

    Happy Sunday, all.

  2. Spider erotica? :)

    Sorry about the "smart" car troubles, Maria.

    Dina, I'll let you when we get all hunkered down and into e car buying mode. Right now we're just treading water and bills. No huge expenditures in the forefront. But we're planning on a Mitsubishi for the 100% electric. We'd still keep the Honda Civic (for Danni and for long trips) Most of our driving is within city anyhow so for us an all e would be perfect.

    Didja know that most of our trucks and tanks deployed to the middle east are all electric? Don't buy into that small car. There are still Toyota Rav4 Es around.

    Had what I thought was vertigo hit the other night but it was fast and furious. Odd.

    I'm really sick of my brother living here.

    Got Wes all shaved, hair cut and his suit is ready for school and the interview tomorrow. Eeep!

  3. I'm not sure that Sniff was really being patient. It may have been passive-aggressive behavior. He was sitting on a spot where a buck has scratched and urinated on the ground. It's that time of year.

    Insect and arachnid erotica have appeared here before, Janet, and they probably will again. All crossable appendages duly crossed for Wes.

    Candis, I don't think it was frost flowers there. More than likely an interesting leaf - one of the last. I think she did find some frost flowers yesterday morning. But we've warmed up again, patience.

  4. I've always thought the spider's virtue was persistence. Like how you knock down that web between the bush & your car, and it's there again the next morning.

    Maria, I have heaved a deep sigh & scratched the Smart off my Next Car list. You are welcome to let the dealer know that.

    Well, Mason's having his usual post-church nap, Mrs. Fetched is off fixing a fence, and I'm free to write and/or read until she returns!