Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday Poetry Post

Color is Still Hanging on (and a pair of poems)

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By Jack Prelutsky

The leaves are yellow, red and brown,
A shower sprinkles softly down
And the air is fragrant, crisp and cool,
And once again, I'm stuck in school.

Autumn Woods
by James S. Tippett

I like the woods
In autumn
When dry leaves hide the ground,
When the trees are bare
And the wind sweeps by
With a lonesome rushing sound.
I can rustle the leaves
In autumn
And I can make a bed
In the thick dry leaves
That have fallen
From the bare trees


  1. Great pictures, particularly the one that looks upside down.

    Happy Sunday, everyone.

  2. Dry leaves? Mr. Tippett, apparently, hasn't ever seen an Autumn in the Pacific Northwest. Nope, no dry leaves here.

    No yoga for me today. No phonecall from doc's office either (well, I was hoping for one on Friday)

    Loving living cable free. However the only way for Wes to watch the Seahawks game is to watch it on the local Faux channel. But at least it's free and in HD. Murdoch isn't making any money from me. BTW all my Over the air channels are in HD. Pretty sweet.

    Going to be baking some vegan yummies today... I think. Danni wants me to show her how to use the hot rollers she got for her bday. Like, I know?? Got a cool youtube on how to do it.

    Happy Fall Backwards.

  3. Dina, maybe that last shot should be titled "Reflecting on Fall."

  4. Every once in a while the NW dries out. Janet, we were hiking near Black Butte one summer, and everything was dry. We weren't sure we were going to be able to get back to our room because so many wilderness firefighters invaded they blocked off our access road.

  5. Oh yeah.

    That's not Autumn, that's August. :)