Thursday, November 10, 2011

Solo Flight

Taken October 23, 2011.

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  1. Watch me soar!!!

    Dudes, being on prednisone is like being on the best kind of uppers - I have ENERGY! Weird as heck. I'm hoping that my 1 month on oral steroids will kick the sarcoid in the get-along and I can keep some of this lovely energy when the doc tapers me off.

    Working @ the mimes from home today. Got hit with a "hey, pls help with this project by writing site testing script" at the last minute on Tuesday. When I started working on it yesterday, I mostly banged my head against the wall with the insanity of the site "structure". One of those deals where we built a great site, then the client (who has access to make more pages) made it kind of a Frankenstein monster. I've put in 5 hours on the task so far and anticipate at least another 8-10.

    Doing the bulk of this at home makes it a lot easier. Fewer distractions. Just me, the site and the kitty. :)

    I have an appt tomorrow a.m. with my mechanic to check out the warning light on my car. Will be so glad to put that all behind me!

    Wishing everyone a fabulous Thursday!

  2. Janet, that's AWESOME!!! Tell Wes he's mistaking excitement for terror. ;-)

    Maria, sounds like some of the stuff I do internally — write scripts to save me a lot of repetitive work. I'm not really looking forward to moving from my GNU troff-based markup system to AuthorIT this year, but the one other person in this company who wouldn't have a seizure upon seeing markup is in… Beaverton. :-) I guess I just need to bite the bullet though. At least the scripts I'm writing to build ePUB files work on HTML output, so I can bring those over to AuthorIT and offer eBook versions of our documentation on demand. ;-)

    Well, back to it. I'm mime'ing at home today too!

  3. Love the leaf, Andi.

    Happy Thursday everyone.

    Maria, I hope the ill goes and the energy stays. It is very hard having little or no energy, this I know.

    Farf, didn't understand a word but good luck. :)

  4. Leaf: Geronimooooooooooooooooo!

    WTF did Farf say? :)

    Thanks guys. Found out a bit more about the job. Wes would be working with the Vice President of the Winterhawks and be in the Volunteer and VIP operations. Internship and great benefits. Hockey is a fantastic organization. I love hockey so much. This could be an amazing foot in the door for him and his future.

    Today is my Friday. Whew.

  5. Great news, Janet!

    And yay for fixed cars, Maria. I hate finding new mechanics, cuz I always feel like I'm getting ripped off.

    Off for lunch with a new friend. Still struggling to get used to being home. Worked 17 hours yesterday, which didn't help get caught up on all that went undone during my vaca, but helped PAY for the vaca, anyway!

    Sunny and gorgeous out there - hope it's the same where you are!

  6. Sounds like you had a fabulous Thursday, Maria. Here's to the end of car troubles.

    Hi ya, Farf. Hope your home-work went well.

    Hi Dina. Sorry that leaf wasn't colorful but there's more color coming.

    Sounds like a great opportunity, Janet. Fingers-crossed for a great outcome.

    It was chilly but gorgeous here, Beth. But yesterday we had a really windy days and now we have arrived at the bare trees stage of fall.

  7. Aww - great photo Andi. Makes me smile. :-)