Saturday, November 26, 2011

Remembrance of Seasons Past

Taken November 4, 2011.

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  1. Good morning, gang and a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our own Farf who now joins me at a venerable 50+3. :)

    I had a lovely quiet day yesterday with bonus!insomnia and about 2 hrs sleep. Today, more quiet and a lot more napping.

  2. Happy Birthday, Farf!! You share your birth day with my most wonderful and better than words can say mother-in-law. Clearly this is a very good day for birthing fine folks.

    Happy napping to you, Maria.

  3. Morning, and thanks much all! Love the pic today. Mason slept late, which was a nice bday present all by itself. ;-)

    Andi, it must have been a good day — I shoved myself out a month early to be born!

  4. Happy birthday, Farf! Hope the day only improves.

  5. Happy Birthday Farf!

    53! What an old phucker! (runs away with scissors)


  6. Andi -- Hugs (Os) and Kisses (Xs) from Fall as it leaves us, eh. Nice catch!

    Farf -- Happy Birthday!

  7. Hippo birdie two ewe, Farf! I hope your day has been glorious!!

    Great night with the band last night - friends joined me to hear my guys play. Off to hear more live music tonight. Football tomorrow, then back to Key West for a week with my guy, then three weeks traveling. Not excited about being away from home for so long - but this coming week in KW will be awesome!

    Happy Saturday, all. Hope you're not tired of turkey yet!

  8. Happy B'day Farf. It was sweet of you to make an early appearance to share my mom's.

  9. Excellent planning on your part, Farf. :)

    Hi Dina. Hope you are having a good weekend.

    Janet, if Farf is an old phucker at 53, then Jim and I must be beyond old. Or maybe it's that we're beyond phucking .... nah.

    Since you've already had snow, Candis, your bye-byes are coming sooner than mine.

    Busy, busy, busy, Beth. Makes this ancient phucker tired just to read it. ;)