Thursday, November 17, 2011

Red and Gold Recalled

Both taken October 28, 2011.
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  1. Janet, happy natal day!!!!

    Lovely red & gold colors for the celebration in today's foliage pics, too. :)

    I'm doing the working @ the mimes from home today & tomorrow. My ride bailed on me yesterday after we'd been at the office < 1 hour. She's come down with a cold so I'd rather just work here and not bother other people. Besides, I tend to get a lot more done this way.

    Temps finally dropped as a cold front blew in last night. I was very tired of sweating in mid-November.

    TTFN and let's all have cake today on Janet's behalf. :)

  2. Woohoo, another November birthday!!! Hey Janet, now it's your turn to demand a discount (or at least a free dessert)! And booting the freeloading bro would definitely be a most satisfying birthday gift…

    Maria, the cold front came through here yesterday afternoon & brought us a tornado watch and some noisy rain. I was thinking it would be just our luck that a tornado would flatten the chicken houses now that they're empty, but it didn't happen. Yeah, the last couple days were strange: I'd put on the fleece jacket, step outside, and take it off. Lows are in the upper 20s tonight, but it's supposed to warm back up by Sunday.

    Miming at home today. Mason is having a toy-banging good time in the living room. Mrs. Fetched *still* hasn't brought the new glasses home. Sheesh.

  3. Happy birthday, Janet. Here's hoping its the beginning of a happy and healthy year.

    Looks to be colder here too. I am so glad - my sinuses like it better if the weather settles, not warm/cold/warm!

    Farf, hope it settles for you and no more tornado watches.

    Maria, here's to getting a lot done at home. I bet Kit appreciates it.

  4. Wow Thank you!

    ((((Andi & 40 Acre Critters)))))

    Gotta go to the mimes but at least it's my "Friday".

    Man oh man, Portland is a mess right now. People at work who I never thought would bother, are protesting. Customers are telling me they are marching. It's unreal. But breathtaking. Reassuring.

    Getting very cold here. Even some speculation about snow this weekend. Snow before Turkey?

  5. Happy Birthday Janet! Hey baby, the Birthday Fairy brought you a global resistance movement, f*n awesome, it's the sharing gift that keeps on giving. ;p

    [back to lurkdom for me, I am okay but struggling with ISSUES, will be back when the struggle eases up a little. Best wishes to all!]

  6. We miss you Jen! Hope your ISSUES are quickly resolved and you can rejoin us.

  7. Glad they give you that option, Maria. Cold here too -- well below freezing tonight.

    Those temps sound pretty cold for Georgia, Farf. I'm sure Mason is just trying to give a nice soundtrack to work to. :)

    I agree, Dina -- I find my sinuses are happier in cold weather too.

    Hope you are having a great birthday, Janet.

    Thinking of you, Jen, and wishing for better days.