Tuesday, November 22, 2011

One Fine Day

All photos taken October 31, 2011.

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  1. ::clings to pretty pretty pictures with sun::

    Another oddly warm and rainy day here--though admittedly, I would much rather have this than snow/sleet!

    Eye checkup went well. Pressure is still low & visual field test confirmed previous one (from 6 mos ago) - I have a small dead spot in left eye due to nerve damage, but it's not anything for major concern.

    Doc told me that from now on, I'm on the pressure-treating eyedrops permanently. 1 drop, 2x/day in each eye. That, I can totally live with.

    Insurance adjuster is scheduled for tomorrow at the mechanic, so there went my dreams of getting my car back before the holiday. Oh well. At least I have GenericCar if I need to run errands. You can darned well bet I'll be ensconced in my cozy home most (or all) of the time instead of out with the crazies.

    Been gathering my old blog posts and such. I'm going to put together an eBook as an experiment - dipping my toe into the DIY eBook stream. I may work on that over the weekend.

    Happy Tuesday!

  2. Enjoy the rain for me, Maria - and yes, be glad it's not snow, ugh! Hope the car comes home to roost soon. And good luck with the ebook - I've been thinking along similar lines. Just need to find the time to do it. Fun projects!

    Enjoying Pensacola and spending time with my "twin." Lots of long talks, tears, hugs, and laughter. We haven't been together in a year, and that's too long. Off to the Florabama tonight - pix will follow!

    Love the fall shots over the water - there's one at my place, but you know in FL fall looks like summer looks like spring looks like...

    Have a great day, y'all! I'll be home tomorrow.

  3. Oh, so *that's* where the sun went!!!!

    Maria, you have glaucoma? Bummer. If you need any help with the eBook formatting, you know where to find me. I haven't figured out every single knob in Scrivener's panel(s), but I've gotten it to where I can make a decent eBook.

    Beth, that "formatting help" offer extends to you too. Hope you're having a good time in Pensacola.

    It's been foggy & soupy here. Supposed to be sunny and 61F for Thanksgiving, so I'm hoping to have some patio time. Now if this %!#&ing gout would GO AWAY…

  4. Farf - not actual glaucoma, but definite at-risk factors. I'll definitely hit you up on eBook-fu re: Scrivener.

    Bummer about the gout. :(

    ::goes back to miming::

  5. Hi all. Been gone all day and just got home. Dogs were just about to call the SPCA on us but have forgiven us because we fed them dinner the second we got in the door.