Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Not Leaving Yet

Taken October 17, 15, and 14, 2011
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  1. I am a leaf on the wind...

    10 points to those who get the reference. ::g::

    I got great news last night! Blood Sacrifice has been nominated for Best Urban Fantasy Protagonist for 2011 RT Awards!

    To keep it all real, not 30 minutes after I read the email and squeed about it on FB, the cat managed to hork up all over my bed, including the white down comforter.

    Oh well...

    Expecting a busy day @ the mimes.

    Wishing you all a fabulous Wednesday.

  2. My poor Wash!

    Kit was just expressing his joy for you, Maria - as we all are.

    Doing better today. Yesterday, got woken up with a call at 2 AM that Chris needed to take her daughter to the hospital, would I come sit with her son.

    So happy it did not turn out to be appendicitis and Lexa is home but man I was tired yesterday.

    Today, sticker shock expected as I take the car in for servicing.

  3. General Strike Today. If you must consume, please use cash only.

    Not at the mimes but not at Occupy either, as I have to go back to the lab and I'm just feeling all around awful. I think Danni gave me her bugs on top of all this. Little rat bastard.

    Maria, congratulations! Cats keep us grounded don't they? :)

  4. Congrats, Maria! Well, minus the cat yakking part.

    Dina, hope you can get some rest. That doesn't sound like a fun night for anyone.

    Janet, we celebrated "FU Banks Week" by getting our mortgage interest rate reduced a little, even if the lender's an ag coop instead of a bank. The $80/month won't exactly stay in our pockets, but we can pay some other stuff with it. :-P Every little bit helps, I guess.

    We chatted with the guy while going through zee papairs, learned some interesting things about chicken house stuff… most of the lending action is now loans for upgrading existing houses, not building new ones. Some new houses have been built and not seen a single chicken so far. Some upgrades actually qualify for energy grants, but the paperwork is horrendous. Although, as he put it, "if you can get six houses upgraded for the price of five, it's a no-brainer." He also had a few suggestions for lining up markets once the inlaws transition to growing plants instead of miniature T.rexes.

  5. Good for you Farf! We're moving our money out next week. Wayne was hesitant about it all because the bank in question holds our mortgage (which we had no control of) but now he's willing to not only move our banking but actually sell our mortgage to the new credit union. First Tech Credit Union. We'll be moving Wes' money, too.

    Dropped off our DVR from Comcast, seems we have one more piece of equipment... a DTA but we didn't have any other tvs hooked up. So I'm ticked off with them. Told them, too. Also told them that I was so done with paying for corporate owned media and being lied to by the 1% idiot boxes.

    8 others in the office were doing the same thing while I was there. :)

  6. Ah Maria, I'm crying just thinking about it. Meanest thing Joss Whedon ever did. Also ... yay for nomination, boo on the kitty.

    Good luck with the car, Dina.

    I'm so sorry about your not feeling well. OTOH, Danni is the smartest and most adorable little rat bastard ever.

    Farf, we haven't had a mortgage since 1996 and the last few years have made me more and more happy that we were able to get that paid off (ah the advantages of being dinks).