Saturday, November 5, 2011

Mountains and Craters

I thought the optical illusion that made some of the drops look like craters was nifty. And yes, those two big "mountains" could be the Grand Tetons. :)
Taken October 20, 2011.

Click image to see larger version


  1. Lovely pic!

    So my yesterday didn't exactly go as planned. Recording went well, but a tire blew out as i got to the doc's office.

    Had to call a tow truck to get me & the car to a nearby tire shop, only to find out that the tires for Smart cars are special order. They won't have it until Tuesday. :(

    Ended up cabbing back home and ordering Peapod groceries instead of going to the store, as planned.

    I'm trying to be zen about this. Stuff happens, plus, I do have emergency savings, so I'm able to pay for the tow and the tire.

    Still, it was rather a PITA.

    Today, more recording & grocery delivery. Tomorrow, rest & reading.

    ::keeping my fingers crossed there will be no more car or other drama::

    Hope you're all having a great wekend!

  2. So sorry about your car woes, Maria.

    Love the picture, Andi.

    Happy weekend, all.

  3. I had another thought about the "mountains." /perv

    Maria, what? No spare tire? revises next car list

    Speaking of groceries, I'm about to take Mason to the store while Mrs. Fetched is dealing with the chickens.

    Hi Dina!

  4. I am amazed they didn't carry the tires, Maria, given the large size of the population. May you have a drama-free rest of the weekend.

    Thanks, Dina. More colorful leaves for you next week.

    Farf, well since I've taken care of Grand Tetons, I'm guessing yours must be something more along the lines of Grand Tuches.