Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Morning Drive

Taken October 26, 2011.

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  1. ... continued from last night.

    Mazel tov and w00t to Wes!

    ... back to today.

    Actually there's nothing to say about today, except that I wish I had been able to go back to sleep when I woke up at 4:40.

  2. Janet, major congrats to Wes on the new gig!!

    Andi, I shall join you in the "it's still last night" song. I don't think I even got 1 hour of sleep. :( Decided to take a sick day & work on Friday in exchange. Why am I not in bed, because I still can't sleep.

    Stupid stress.

    So - still carless. Shop told me that best best was to get front end alignment, then they could reflash the computer & that should take care of the issue. Sounded extremely logical. only, it turns out that the alignment shop they contract to said they couldn't get the toe in properly aligned (which is the only alignment a Smart needs) & that some crossbar was bent. My guy said that was insane (not quite in so many words) - they had the car back & up on the racks and his tech was on phone arguing w/alignment shop. This was at 4:30 yesterday evening.

    They're supposed to call me back today with some sort of resolution.

    I'm exhausted & continue to worry that the price tag will explode. :(

    On a much more positive note, congrats to Farf for no more chickens!! That has GOT to be a load off.

    Here's hoping that today will be a better/more positive day for those of us who need it to be.

  3. Drive-by!

    Maria, here's hoping the alignment people were just having an off-day!

    Off to the mimes, way late (Mason was up at 4am AGAIN).

  4. May the sleep fairies strike everyone tonight.

    Maria, I hope that the car comes home soon without too much of a bill.

    Farf, congratulations on your state of chickenless.

    Andi, love the picture.

    Happy Tuesday.

  5. And the verdict is in - it's not a good one. The explosion has come.

    Turns out the rear axle got misaligned and they have to completely replace the part, then realign the car & reflash the computer. Thing is, parts have to be ordered (3 days); the car pretty much has to be taken apart & put back together (tiny car). All for a lovely estimated total of $1700. Yeah, and I have no car for at least another 4 days. I'd get a rental, but I don't think I can swing that right now.

    I'm feeling extremely down in the dumps by a factor of 1000, yet guilty for doing so because other people have it worse. My friend's step dad just got laid off from his construction job. Yeah, right before holidays.

    I'd really like this year to be over with now.

  6. Oh Maria, that is just the pits. Big hugs and loads of sympathy to you.

    Hi Farf and Dina.