Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Lake's Take on October

Late October, 2011.

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  1. Have you thought about producing postcards, Andi?
    Morning all, I've been neglecting the internet lately, busy with family, house, and stuff. And the odd bit of writing.
    However, I have news! There's been an offer to publish my most recent cozy mystery, Murder Fortissimo, by The World Wide Mystery Library (Harlequin imprint) so my deathless prose will be available in the US and Canada! As you can imagine I'm chuffed to bits - and it'll be paperback too, which is so much more practical than the current hardback. (One review says it's Miss Marple with balls!)

    I have no dates, no nothing, but picture me doing a happy dance!

    Waves to all who drop in later.

  2. Wow, what great news, Nicky! I can't wait to see the book on Amazon. BTW, I do notecards with photos that are sold in a bookstore in the nearby tourist town (much more of an ego-booster than a money-maker).

  3. Waves to all. I love these pictures, Andi, and it is great about the postcards.

    Congratulations, Nicky! Wonderful news.

    Everyone enjoy.

  4. A good news day indeed!!

    Congrats to Kelly for OMG THE END!
    Congrats to Nicky for her sale!

    Tire saga (hopefully the last): Ended up having to ORDER MY OWN TIRE online for delivery to the tire shop. Seriously! Of the good: tire is on UPS truck for delivery TODAY. I called the shop, informed them and asked them to call me when the tire arrives, so I know an ETA for picking up my car. Now, to find a ride.

    Moral of this story: customer service ain't.

    ::in a much better mood::


  5. Blogger ate my comment...

    Back from KW. Had an amazing time. Met new friends, saw old ones, heard fantastic music. Crazy busy, but found time to relax with the band, too. Now I'm back, and trying to ease into the real world. It's painful!

    Sorry about the tire, Maria - that's nuts. Hope it's resolved soon!

    Thanks for the gorgeous fall pix, andi - I forget it's not summer everywhere like it is here.

    Congrats, Kelly and Nicky!

    Off to do laundry and pick up the pieces of my real life...I'll be less brain-dead tomorrow....

  6. Nicola, "miss marples with balls" that is awesome! And congratulations!

    KMc! I hope youre kittehs can prop you up. Whoot! Happy for you. Now what's next!? :)

    I was able to get 6 hrs in of work yesterday - till I just couldn't bare it anymore. Found out that several (not from the same store) and some customers are experiencing the same issues. Many have even undergone colonoscopies with no answers. Same type of symptoms, everything. Nerves - rattled.

    Awaiting lab results. And then what?

    Sad news: Shinobi, our black lab who almost died last year, she's not fairing too well. Sadly the end is near - we can all see it and sense it. Even the cats. She's having a hard time getting up and walking. Losing hair around her face now. Danni is beyond sad. We all are.

  7. Janet, I am so sorry to hear about Shinobi. One of the biggest crimes of nature is that our beloved four footed friends do not live longer.

    And Kelly, belated congrats on the end! I missed it the first go round.

  8. Janet, we pet owners all share your feelings. If they didn't give us so much joy, they wouldn't break our hearts when we have to say goodbye to them.

    Congrats on the book front to Nicola & Kelly and on the tire front to Maria.

  9. Janet, I am so sorry. Unfortunately, I know only too well how hard a time this is for your and your family. Please give Shinobi a loving pat from me.

    I was thinking of you, Dina, when I made the collage -- I thought you'd like all the color.

    Sounds like a fine ole time, Beth. It's rather balmy here today, so it doesn't seem all that fall-like (except for the mostly bare trees).

  10. Wow, I missed a bunch of stuff last night!

    Yay Kelly for hitting THE END!

    Maria, I feel the same way about them both. ;-) Your sitch is SO weird; I don't have a spare in my car but that's because I gave it to Daughter Dearest. But I expect I could find one quick enough at a junkyard.

    Janet, sad about Shinobi. I think the number of people with colon stuff is… heck, I don't know. But when The Boy went diabetic, we suddenly ran into all sorts of people who had the same problem. Maybe it's the universe's way of providing support when you need it.

    Andi, it's pretty nice here too right now. That's going to change (again) tomorrow. We're getting rain on Wed/Thurs like clockwork this last month. Then it gets cool/cold for the weekend & warms back up on Mon/Tue. Grrr.

  11. Thanks for all the kind words about wathing our big girl not do well. It's a very sad time but everyone is doing an extra little on their part for her.


    I have some really exciting news to share regarding Wes. But first, it's been a late evening what with the big news and everyone talking, fretting, getting nervous and then getting excited... then making a phone call or two. We had a late dinner and just now settling in. I gotta get him off to bed so he can settle down and go to school in the morning.

    I'll share what details we have tomorrow. Suffice to say, it's pretty damn cool for Wes, his program and for future kids like him in his school. His friends and loved ones are all doing the Snoopy Happy Dance for him and crossing their fingers, eyes and toes on his behalf.

    I have the mimes 9-5.

    My big black love shadow is right at my feet.