Friday, November 11, 2011

In the Sticks

Taken October 24, 2011.

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  1. Woo, is that ever colorful!

    I'm participating in a bloghop, featuring samples of my atrocious handwriting. Of course, I had to re-run the pic of Mason where he has my pen & Moleskine.

    Mime time. Hoo. Ray.

  2. Morning, gang! I am off in a few on this gorgeous, but very chilly, Veterans Day to my mechanic, who I hope will be able to fix this wonky sensor at a reasonable price.

    Wish me luck!

  3. Thrilled to hear about Wes's job, Janet.

    Am pondering the insanity that made us set out to buy a toffee coloured carpet for our bedroom and end up with an ivory one! It's just been fitted and it looks great but I'm praying it really IS as stain-resistant as they insist. (But it was in a sale, so how could we resist?)

    Chilly here, hope it's warmer where you are.

  4. Off to the gym today even if I don't want to go! :)

    Nicola, you are very brave!

  5. Hi Farf, Maria, Nicky, and Dina. I'm trying to time this comment so I make it at 11:11 a.m. on 11-11-11.

  6. Congratulations on your achievement ... ;D

    Gorgeous, stunning, amazing, beautiful ... **insert all the superlatives!** photo Andi!

  7. Happy Spinal Tap day? :)

    It's still only around tennish here.

    Danni saw the photo of the leaf yesterday and she had a great comment. "I'm Batman!"

    Doctor wants me to come in next MONTH. I almost started bawling on the phone. I told her I barely made it through this week at work so I'll go in on 12/2. Not good enough. They say I have elevated levels of infection and inflammation but want to see the levels in a month...

    I'm going to see a Chinese herbalist I guess. I can't live like this. I came home last night so tired and started to feel like the flu or vertigo was coming on so I missed a great hockey game. Maybe if I lost a ton of weight, the doctors would give a sh9t. Maybe this is what my Mom had to go through.

    The Astronomy Picture of The Day is incredible! It's too bad science is under attack by the right wing.

    Your photo today reminds me of the movie House of Flying Daggers. We love flying marital arts movies.

    Huge sale going on at my store, was a busy week and the next few weeks will be insane as you can imagine. Gotta get Wes ready for his interview. Shave, haircut, suit and tie. It's a suit and tie job. :)

  8. Nicola, your white carpet reminds me of the little Italian girl who lived next door to us in Navy housing back in the day. She was very... spoiled. Her grandmother lived with them. I remember the Mom well. She didn't speak. She YELLED. Even her morning greetings were enough to send you running back indoors. The dad would come home and there would be yelling. Not domestic abuse or anything... just YELLING. Very dramatic.

    The girl once took a purple crayon, yes, just like Harold, and colored on the sides of several parked cars.

    But the one day that she tooko her Mom's nail polishes and "painted" on all her white carpet and white canopy bed... that was the day when the American Dad finally started yelling on his own. :)

    I think of purple crayons and red nail polish whenever I see white carpet or white bedroomo sets.