Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Frost by November

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  1. Morning Gang!!

    Not quite freezing here but down in the 40s.

    Happy BDay Farf!!!

    Key West with a friend--Happy Vacation Beth.

    Maria, glad to hear you are creating new with the Ebook.

    1st day back was pretty quiet. Compliant or unconcious seemed to be the two speeds for kiddos that showed. Still plenty absent out of this older group we have, though I hear a couple have withdrawn. More coming to fill those seats so not sad. Some of these repeat juniors and sophmores need to find an alternative and get on with their life.

    Waves to Jim, Dina, Andi, Candis, Janet, and all others to follow.

  2. Morning!!

    Lisa, quiet is good, right?

    I still do not have my car, arrgh. Hoping for today.

    However, like a certain Mr. Farf, I *do* have a new ebook out there. Over the holiday, I finally did what I'd been meaning to do and compiled a book out of blog posts & essays.

    Put it up on Amazon and B&N (B&N link still not active as of this a.m.). Trying to figure out the Google ebook stuff because then indy stores can carry it.

    We'll see how it does. At least it's another way to get a little income, right?

    Up late because alarm clock volume was too low and I didn't hear the radio. Good thing I can get ready fairly quickly!

    Happy Tuesday.

  3. Waves to all.

    Maria, congratulations on getting the ebook up!

    Lisa, good luck with the seats - I hope they fill quickly.

  4. Morning!

    "Compliant" students. Sorry peeps but that sent dystopian shivers down my spine.

    Lisa, exactly what type of a class do you teach? I don't think I can recall what you teach.

    Gotta jump in the car and be my daughter's "it's too cold to walk to school" driver.

  5. KMc, sounds like you've been juggling kittens and knives all at once. Hope you get some R&R.

    This week is going to be cuhhhrazy. Tired from last week's nutmania. Wes has a game to attend on Friday. We're all going to the Teddy Bear Toss hockey game on Saturday and bringing along Wes' friend who took him to a soccer game. BOHICA has invited us to go to his last gig at Mississippi Pizza in N. PDX on Thursday.

    And we have to get rid of these damn leaves somehow. We can't burn em. We can't rake them out into the street for the street cleaner who charges us $30 a year to sweep up the leaves in the road along the county street... and we only have one large bin for "green yard waste". At this time of year, one bin doesn't cut it. Try telling an autistic kid to rake the leaves into a pile so that they can be blown back around the next day... ugh. But the leaves are purdy... and wet and slippery. And Frosty.

    Now on to fill out more social security paperwork for Wes. I hate the social security folks. I really do. I now know why they have a guard at the door. They piss off people to no end. LOL

  6. Howdy all!

    Lisa, "compliant or unconscious" kiddos huh? I guess non-exciting is a good thing in your line of work.

    Maria, I see you got the eBook done w/o my help. Yay!

    Hi Dina!

    Janet, can you get your hands on a chipper/shredder? Pulverize those leaves & then they'll fit in your bin or composter. ;-) It's amazing how quickly cut grass shrinks in a composter, IIRC the leaves were similarly quick to reduce.

    Two people have actually bought my eBook, which is two more than expected. But for the goals I actually set out to achieve with it, everything has gone according to plan. Kindle Single and Smashwords Premium are still pending (the latter gets it into B&N, Apple, Kobo, Sony, etc) but I'll blow up that bridge after I cross it, right? Pitfalls are yet to be fallen into, but I'm in much better shape for when White Pickups rolls out (heh).

    Later, y'all!

  7. Farf, a shredder, eh? I dunno.. those things scare the bejeezus out of me. Fargo? :)

    We mulch our grass clippings. Not much lawn. Mostly garden area with a lot of trees. City's trees, mind ya. That fall onto my property LOL.

    Social Security gave us a deadline that is pathetic. Just got their letter and long thing to fill in and to send it back to them in 10 days. Ten days in Nov 31. We got the letter Saturday.... Swell. Just mailed it in to send to Utah. Puckers.

  8. Blogger ate my first comment, argh.

    Andi, lovely pics.

    Maria, will boost signal for you soonish.

    Just need to survive the next ten hours to make it to the calm. See you all on the other side.

  9. Now I'll have The Doors, Break on Through to the Other Side - in my head at work :)... Cool!

  10. First snow! It's really pretty (because it's only an inch and it's going to melt tomorrow).

    Howdy Lisa. Hope the rest of the week goes well.

    Bummer on the car, Maria. I hope you have it now.

    Hi Dina.

    Good luck with SS folks, Janet.

    Since I first saw Fargo, Farf, I stopped thinking that people owning chippers was a good idea.

    Wow, that calm is almost here, Kelly. I think I can see it dodging snow flakes.

  11. Andi, Janet, chipper at pond + dead chickens = fish food! I always meant to get some video of that, but it's too late now. Oh well. You should have seen the way the fish all surfaced when Mrs. Fetched's dad started that thing.

    Fargo. Phooey. Like I've said often, fiction has nothing on reality here.

  12. Sadly, no car. When I talked to the guy this a.m., they still hadn't put it in the queue. :( (It's a full day of work + then they have to take it to alignment place & then back to garage for the computer reset).

    OTOH, I am still awake at nearly 1 a.m.

    Wait, neither of those are good things.

    Le sigh.