Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Drive(way)-Thru October

Taken October 14, 24, and 31, 2011.

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  1. Pretty trees!!

    I got my car back last night. Only $15 to mount/balance the tire. That said, now a warning light is on. Le sigh. I know it's a light that comes on when the all-wheel drive/traction thingie is engaged, so I'm wondering if something got triggered when they changed the tire or didn't get reset properly.

    In any case, I will NOT be taking it back to the idjits, but will take it to my mechanic (or to the former dealer service center).

    I'm really tired of dealing with car stuff. It's one of the top 5 in high-stress situations for me, personally. Simple things, no doubt, for others, but for me, it triggers a lot of stress.

    Janet, can't wait to hear the good news!!

    Weather here continues to be gorgeous.

  2. Oh okay, I'll tell ya while I try to breathe in some coffee before I have to run to work.

    This Monday, Wes will be interviewed by the owner of the Portland Winterhawks Western Hockey League for a job within the organization here in Portland.

    It's an incredible opportunity for him as well as his program.

    His school is a transitional one. They teach independent skills, cooking and nutritional skills, healthy leisure choices, social skills, public transportation skills and job experience.

    Wes has basically maxed out on the job experiences that they have set up. Mostly the jobs are fairly low maintenace and repetitive but are designed to teach proper job attire, skills and such. So his teacher went looking for a new job for him, one that would really fit in for him. His teacher is AMAZING.

    We don't know what the job is or what it entails but it's beyond cool opportunity.

    It's the only job that is out in the city. The train runs right to the arena and coliseum. Wes might have to work till 11 at night but then he wouldn't have to go into school early.

    Of course, Wes saw this as a horror. He's really scared cause he's doing soemthing no other student has done there before. Plus it is kinda daunting to be faced with a dream. I think it all blew his mind. Blew ours.

    He's been excited about working with the library but due to budget cuts and the economy, he and the school know he probably couldn't get hired on after his program ages out in a few year. So this could be a job he can have and maintain as a gradute.

    So there it is. Wes has an opportunity with the Portland Winterhawks Hockey team.

    But mainly, he has hope.

  3. And hope is a precious item nowadays. Especially for our disabled citizens.

    And I liked to say HOORAY for all the voters saying EFF YOU to the right wing thugs in Arizona, Mississippi and so many other places. It's like a pendulum. However it aint over and I won't be saying, "let's take our country back"... I say let's move our country forward for all.

    Maria, we're looking into the Mitsubishi I as our E car. It seats 4 with room. I don't know why the Mini Coopers didn't develop more electrics... I would have grabbed one.

    Off to the mimes to battle the seniors and their entitlement demands.

  4. Waves to all.

    Janet, that sounds awesome - I hope it works out for Wes. Also, if you get an electric car, please post about it. I am planning to get a hybrid or electric car next (which will hopefully be in two or three years) so I am trying to learn about them.

    Maria, here's hoping the car stress evaporates. It is so hard on us if we don't have a car.

  5. Hi everybody. Been gone to Cincy all day but I'm really happy to come back and read Janet's very good news and to know Maria has a car again.