Saturday, November 12, 2011

A Day of Red and Gold

All photos taken October 25, 2011
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  1. Braving the VGW, otherwise I'll never post today. Weekend from Hades looms, workwise - will help pay bills, but I'm wearying of the feast or famine thing...

    GORGEOUS shots. Fall looks beeyoutiful through your eyes, andi.

    Saw the cover for Kelly's new book on Facebook, and entered for a free copy - can't wait to read more of your work, Mr. McC!! (I'll buy it anyway, if I don't win. :))

    42 degrees out there - who moved summer?! I'm off to find coffee... have a wonderful weekend, y'all.

  2. Continued from yesterday ...

    I am a talent, Candis -- at making timed comments. :)

    Janet, sending you good vibes to go with whatever means you can find to feel better. And I loved your story of the little girl and the nail polish.

    Back to today ...

    Yuck for the working weekend, Beth. Funny that we are warmer than you -- it's 48 degrees here, 20 degrees warmer than it was yesterday at this time.

  3. Hope the remedies work out for you Janet — it has to be frustrating waiting that long, but at least it means they're not concerned about anything life-threatening.

    Nicky, when we bought FAR Manor there was white carpet all through it. Being in a rural area, we figured the previous owners were smoking something — but not growing it themselves.

    Mrs. Fetched is in bed, just got in from an overnight with the chicken catchers. The other houses go tonight. They tell me it's the last batch of chickens, but I'll believe it when it happens. Or doesn't happen, as it were.

  4. Hi, all. Love the pictures as usual.

    Janet, I am so sorry to hear about your problems. It is no fun being in pain.

    Beth, here's hoping the weekend is better than you expect.

    Farf, here's hoping the chickens go somewhere else to roost.

    Happy Saturday.

  5. Gryffindor colors!

    I'm just now finishing up audio & uploading finished files. Whee!!

    Sad thing is I'm now rather desperate to get that nice stipend for the recording. Got the car diagnosed Friday a.m. - basically, they have no clue at this point. It needs to be put up on a rack and taken apart. That lovely bit of info cost me $75.

    Turns out the steering wheel is a little cockeyed, too - they kept asking me if I'd hit something. I didn't, but when the blow out happened, it felt as if the car jumped sideways. It's such a light car, I bet the force of the blow out did something, bent something in the sensor wires or whatever.

    I've got an appointment for Monday a.m. at the dealership (not close) to drop off the car & pick up a rental. Seems that they don't do loaners for us lowly Smart Car owners, just for the Mercedes owners. 99% indeed.


    I am already foreseeing a huge $$$$ figure. :(

    There goes the rest of my savings.

    Trying to be zen about this. No one was injured except for my bank account.

    Hope you all have good weekends!

  6. So Farf, I'm finding myself humming it's end of the chicken as we know it.

    It was a very nice Saturday here, Dina. Hope yours was too.

    Damn Maria, what a bunch of bad car news all at once. My sympathies.