Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Color by Sunset

Both taken November 5, 2011.
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  1. So Jim woke us both up at 4 a.m., yelling in sleep (bad dream), then I decided to go to the bathroom and discovered we were out of water (water company has a line break), then the dogs needed to go out and bark furiously at something (probably another dog) which put an end to any attempt to go back to sleep. Not the best way to start a day. Hope yours starts much, much better.

  2. It is wrong when the coffee pot is empty before 6 AM.

  3. Dogs barking when they go out at 4a.m. Andi, sounds like my house. Hope the water situation gets fixed. That could be a bummer.

    Janet, I coordinate the elective classes for 7-12th grade at the alternative school in my district. (right now I have everything from Architecture design to French 2 to Health to American Sign Language. Probably thirty different classes among my students)My students come to our building when they get in trouble on their home campus.
    So compliance is a foreign skill for many. Don't worry about too many programmed youth here.

    Maria, look forward to reading your Unrepentant writings. The wonder of whispernet has it queing on my Kindle. Gotta support the home girl.

    Farf, chickens, chipper, and fish food. I'm thinking Dexter would like that setup with one slight variation.

    Jim, better dreams tomorrow.

    Waves to all that follow.
    Wonderful Weds. gang.

  4. Andi, about 4 a.m. is when I was finally getting to sleep. Even Melatonin didn't help last night.

    Bummer about the water & barking dogs. :(

    The good side is that I'd decided to work @ the mimes from home today anyway. Painters coming to do my apartment front door, which requires them to prop it open for a bit. Since I live in a studio and have no place to shut the cat, I figured being here while they're here is the best bet.

    Lisa, thanks for your support!

    Also thanks to Farf & Kelly for boosting the signal yesterday via Twitter.

    Hoping all our Wednesdays improve from our respective starts to the day.

  5. Last time I yelled in my sleep (another dog attack dream), Mrs. Fetched slept right through it. But I woke myself up. Sucks to have no water — which reminds me, it's about time to stash a few gallons or change out what we've got stashed already. And dogs barking at 4 a.m.… would get me looking for a roll of duct tape.

    Jim, my coffee pot was empty before 6, but that's because I didn't get up to put coffee in it. I've since remedied that faux pas.

    Lisa, I think that's the most detailed description you've ever given of your job here. You'd think they'd behave better for the elective classes, under the assumption that it's a subject they're interested in.

    Maria, I'm miming at home today too. Up way late last night, but fortunately not insomnia… it was an elective thing. Hope the painting goes quickly… being one lousy door, I suspect the prep & cleanup will take longer than the actual painting though!

    I blogged last night about test-firing the Launch Cannon (with Xenocide as the chimp astronaut). There's some technical bombast, but I concentrated that into one paragraph and marked it as such.

    Hump Day! Who wants to… um, never mind. /perv

  6. Hope everyone's day gets better! Not the best start for too many.

    Maria, have the book and read the first piece - does that take us back or what!?!?

  7. Thanks Lisa, I wasn't sure where you were coming from. I thought you worked at a school but then it sounded more like a Youth Detention Facility or something at times. I'd take "Critical Thought" over "compliance" any day. I think our schools resemble prisons in too many ways right now. Overcrowding, bad food, guards... It's too bad teachers and schools don't get more money to actually teach.

    Kids know they don't have much of a future and that college is just going to put them into debt. My own daughter is getting pessimistic about the future. We've really screwed our kids over. Don't buy that? Talk to a somewhat politically aware teenager. Global Warming alone is a future killer to most of these kids. Can we really expect them to give a rats arse about homework due on Monday?

    Well, I had to report the wing nut co-worker yesterday. He makes horrible jokes about my spouse being killed on his bike. This guy couldn't get on a bike if his life depended on it. Think "Rush Limbaugh" in a grocery store full of progressives. Bitter, fat, hateful guy. I set boundaries about his bike death jokes so a few months ago he started acting like he was shooting me with his fingers or price gun. Not cute either. Really mean. Up to my head crap. So my manager is going to talk to him and his manager. This is the same guy who screamed sexual harrassment when an elderly lady accidently brushed up against him trying to get by. He insisted they fire her... which they ultimately did. Typical Right Wing Thug Hypocrisy. I'm somewhat scared of the creep.

    9 - 5 er today. Yay.

    Sorry about the car woes. Doesn't sound like too much of a "Smart" car, Lisa. Have you written the company and told them of this whole hassle? All this over a blow out. Dang.

    Danni is out with the flu. Up all night getting sick.

    My coffee pot was luke warm. Blech. Toodles.

  8. My 4.00am isn't the same as yours, but I woke up then as well - trip to the loo needed. It's grey and murky here, interspersed with downpours of grey and murky rain. Ugh.

    And tomorrow it's December and I really need to do something about Christmas! (But there's a very fat cat sitting on my keyboard, so I can't disturb him.)

  9. Slept like the dead, woke early but rested. I seem to have survived the 3 book marathon. Have friends coming over and clean up work to do, so I'm not wholly at loose ends, but feeling remarkably mellow.

    Think I'll steal the Gaiman dogs and go for a run in a couple of hours, and then sit by the fire with the company. Hooray for mellow.

    Maria, sorry to hear you've been having such a miserable time with the car. That's no fun. Our local Smart dealer went under, so I may be driving three hours for a tune up in a couple of months here. Sigh.

  10. Hi everybody. Just got back from Indy where I took my mom for her annual heart exam. She's the champ of the 90-year-olds ... and the 80-year-olds and quite a few of the 70-year-olds. Me, I am feeling every mile of the drive and the 2 hours at the heart center and every minute of sleep I didn't get.

    Water is mostly back.

    Hope everybody is having/had a good day.