Friday, November 18, 2011

Both Sides Then

Both taken October 29, 2011.
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  1. How do days fly by so quickly? How did I not post for 3 days? Belated birthday greetings to Janet, a wild wave to Jen, yay for insurance handling the car issues, Maria, and hugs and kisses to everyone else!

    Finally done with the 20-hour work days - working on finding balance, yet again. Heading to Pensacola to visit my "twin" on Sunday, so getting ready for that. Some good BFF time ahead.

    Still shaking my head over Tebow last night. It may be ugly, but he gets it done. And he's such a good guy, you want him to succeed. Interesting days to be a Bronco fan!

    Off and running - love the fall shots, Andi, here in Endless Summerland.

  2. Yay to Beth for no more insane work days!

    I'm happily waiting for the Enterprise rental place to come get me this a.m. so I can once again be mobile. I'll be working @ the mimes today, making up for Tuesday's day off.

    But then next week: stay-turkey-cation! I've taken the following Monday off and am planning a 5-day relaxathon, punctuated by some audio recording.

    It's so lovely & cold, I'm even in cooking mode. Have got ingredients to do a crockpot beef stew this weekend and next week, I'm going to roast myself a lovely breast of the bird-that-Farf-hates-in-principle.

    There will be NO shopping. I hate Black Friday with a passion. Besides, my family doesn't do purchased gifts. Sis & I are doing a custom photo calendar for the 'rents this year. Last year, everyone got donations via Oxfam (cows, sheep, goats, the like). I'd MUCH rather do something like that, than join in the crazy spending madness.

    Finally read the Hunger Games, finally. I now know what the fuss was about! Very good. I realized that one thing that kept me from diving in was the present tense construction. I find that a hard slog over novel length, though often enjoy present tense in short stories. Interesting, huh?

    What do you all have planned for this holiday?

  3. Morning! I decided to work at home today because I had to go in on Wed. The boss is out too, so why not? Just got a couple things to do before calling it a week off.

    Wow, is Mason ever doing the Terrible Two thing this morning. I may have to go in after all. :-P

    Cold out there, upper 20s anyway. But it's supposed to be 70 by Monday, and 61 for Turkey Day.

  4. Waves to all. Glad that things are looking better, Maria, and Beth, you have recovered from the lapse of travel bug.

    Thanksgiving is with my brother who is a very good cook. Can't wait particularly as his kids are supposed to be there.

    Everyone have a good day.

  5. I'm with you Maria on the whole Black Friday crap. We say Thanksgiving is about being with loved ones and being "grateful". But then we expect others to not have a thanksgiving so that we can shop till we drop. Unbelievable.

    Had a woman last night ask me if my store was going to "set up early for Black Thursday"...

    I did not hold back on my disdain...

    Everone in my line agreed that Black Thursday sucks. Stay home, be with family. Let others in retail have one night off.

    Hey Jen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've missed you!

    Going to do an Anti-Massacreeee Day here. Doing the Turkey and fixings and then we dine while listening to Guthrie's Alice's Restaurant. "If you want to stop the war, you've got to sing louder than that" :) It's our tradition. Normally we'd be overseas or "orphaned" and we'd have some other orphaned sailor over for a meal. This year we've invited BOHICA over for dessert and two "orphans" from work. It'll be laid back and nice.

    Thanks for all the well wishes yesterday. Work sent me home with $30 for a cake and a bottle of Moscato from my work mates up front.

  6. Missed ya, Beth. Glad your work days are getting more "normal".

    I loved the HG trilogy, Maria. I cannot wait to see the movie version.

    Bummer on the TTs, Farf. May peace and quiet visit your weekend.

    Sound like a Turkey day to look forward to, Dina.

    Jim and I haven't shopped at stores for gifts for years, Janet. We do everything online ... which is great because we both hated it. Happy post-birthday.