Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Beeches: Near and Far, More and Less

Both taken October 27, 2011.
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  1. Today, I shall speak of lovely things - like the gorgeous fall photos that Andi keeps providing us each day. Or perhaps the awesomeness that is a warm kitty who will snuggle next to you.

    After another broken night's sleep, I did doze off eventually and woke up with more-than-a-germ of a short story/novella burning in my brain. It's based in the same universe as my short story in San Diego Noir, with the same protagonist. Got up and have been jotting notes down into a Google doc (step 1 in my writing process) since 6:30.

    I am happy to feel the creative burn again!

    Other good things: the audio for Matters of the Blood is under review by Wildside Press. Once John gets done reviewing & approves (I hope there won't be too many revisions!) - it will officially go on sale at & I'll get my initial stipend.

    I've begun Blood Bargain - recorded the initial 15 minute sample that John has to okay before I move on.

    I'm hoping to get past the bad financial events of the recent days and look ahead - get some writing done, get the books recorded & work on an e-book or two.

    Thanks to you all for the good words & support!! Hoping for a better week ahead.

  2. Aw jeez, Maria, that sucks about the car. But finishing the audio & getting a story bomb definitely doesn't suck!

    Got a tweet from my last beta reader, she's enjoying White Pickups so far, so I'm still holding out hope that I can get it out in time for the Great Holiday eBook Download Frenzy. (Did I mention I might have found an editor at church?) A third book in the series is trying to squirm its way into the light, but I gotta finish #2 first.

    Mason slept all night last night for a change, but I woke up at 4am anyway. Dang November thunderstorms. May get ugggly this afternoon. Oh well, off to the mimes.

  3. Mother Nature has Her Winter coat on again.

    Sorry about the car and finances pain in the neck, Maria. I had heard a few things about the "Smart" car. Our store did a give a way of one years back. Portland has a ton of em it seems. Have heard one too many stories of hardships of owners/drivers. But happy happy joy joy about the work load.

    Me and the Espousa have had terrible sleep nights these past few evenings. So it's Wednesday (where's my discount!) and here we are already Slug People of the Tired of the Damned.

    We're also going to give my brother a deadline to move the eff out already. What was going to be a few weeks has now been a few months and we don't think he's really has any initiative to get a place of his own. It's like he's trying to slide through the holidays here. Ummm, no. It's like having another kid here and trust me, we don't need another. My kids at least pick up after themselves. Sheesh.

    Off to the Mimes to beat the Octogenarian Bargarians.

  4. Hope everyone's day and week improves.

  5. Maria, I'm glad I can give you something gorgeous to enjoy (and I'm really glad the woods are giving me a fall of exceptional loveliness). Congrats on the birth of a new story.

    Farf, glad to hear your good news too.

    My mom's a nonagenarian but she's not so much into bargains as she is into buying exactly whatever it she bought the last time -- no matter where it was that she bought it. But somehow sales people just love her -- I think it's because she's so tiny they think she's an elf.

    Howdy, Dina. Hope your day (and week) is fine too.

  6. Beautiful photos ... and a perfect way to display them!