Saturday, November 19, 2011

Because Candis Said

that I should post these two pictures together ("they really complement each other in a micro/macro way"), I am.
Both taken October 30, 2011.
Click images to see larger versions


  1. Candis was right. :) Lovely complementary pics.

    Up FAR too early this a.m. thanks to insomnia and the remnants of a lightning round tummy bug from last night. Feeling 1000 times better after purging whatever the heck it was in my system.

    Read Catching Fire (book 2 of Hunger Games) in one swell foop. Finished just after midnight. So. Very. Good.

    I thank the tech gods for ebooks, because the moment I was done, I went online and bought Mockingjay. This weekend was already going to be about reading, so yay.

    Awesome slow cooker beef stew prepped, in crockpot and has begun the 10 hour countdown to deliciousness.

    TTFN & happy Saturday!

  2. From yesterday...

    Still considering getting some kind of "real" job, andi, to get out of this feast and famine cycle. But it has been nice the last couple of days to not work 20 hour days, although the work was there to be done...maybe I'm finding balance.

    Those two pix DO go well together!

    Snowing in North Idaho. You know I'm happy to be in FL, where our weather statement today is for rip currents and high surf, and a high of 75.

    The holiday lights of St Augustine go on tonight, and it's supposed to be an amazing sight. Might brave the crowds to watch them flip the switch.

    Enjoy your staycation, Maria - hope your health holds out!

    Off to Pensacola for a few days tomorrow - I'll check in as I can.

  3. Love the two pictures.

    Maria, I hope the bug is gone and takes the insomnia fairy with it.

    Beth, balance is very important.

    Seeing Paul Gross in Private Lives today and very excited about it!

  4. Morning!

    Maria, hope you get a nap now that you're feeling better. Have to agree about eBooks, I don't have to drive 10 miles to the library or 20 to the bookstore… to find they'd have to order it for me anyway. :-P

    Beth, hope you get out and enjoy the wild waves while you've got some downtime.

    Dina, enjoy the show!

    Got Mason & Skylar here today. They're both in a much better mood than yesterday evening though. Skylar's nominal parents just came and got him, so it's just Mason & me for a while. I might take him to the park or something.

    My #FridayFlash is about an Alzheimer's patient. I don't know where the idea came from, but it's getting nice comments.

    Hope everyone has a nice time, indoors or out. I'm off all next week, hooray! (?)

  5. Yay! They compliment each other very well. :) Beautiful colors in both.

  6. Candis is very right about the pics.

    It has been very windy today. I'm not sure why but I love dry, cool windy days in the fall. Even though all the leaf dust isn't so great.

    I've been on a reading kick this past week, reading Cara Black's Aimee LeDuc mystery novels. Makes me want to go to Paris. Sigh. I'm almost up to the last one so I need a new mystery series. Suggestions welcome. Not set in America preferably.

  7. I'll be really interested to hear your reaction to the trilogy when you're finished, Maria.

    I can understand that, Beth. Regular hours make living your life much easier. And if you go to St. Augustine, I hope take pictures.

    Have fun at the play, Dina.

    Off to go read, Farf, as soon as I finish commenting.

    Just following orders, Candis.

    Mary, I can't remember what I've suggested before but in case I haven't and you haven't read any of these:

    Denise Mina (Scotland): the Garnethill trilogy, the Paddy Meehan trilogy, and the two (so far) Alex Morrow books.

    Deborah Crombie (England): the Kincaid and James series which takes place in various locations in the UK.

    Sujata Massey (Japan plus some US): Rei Shimura. 10 books in a finished series.

    Donna Leon (Venice): Commissioner Brunetti series. Lots of books and I haven't read them all. Just checked Wiki -- there are 20, the 21st is due next year.