Monday, November 21, 2011

As Easy As Dogs on Logs

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  1. Puppies!!

    I am operating on ZERO sleep. Not even a light doze last night. Stupid steroids.

    Very much looking forward to long self-indulgent weekend of solitude.

  2. Oh, the dog on the log / and the green grass grew all around, all around / and the green grass grew all around.

    Maria, hope you get some sleep.

    Vacation has begun… with an 8am call from Mrs. Fetched's mom, of course. A cow got out AGAIN. I swear, those stupid moofers are trying to make up for the lack of chickens. Mrs. Fetched took off, leaving Mason with me. He's walking around the living room, banging on various things with a toy hammer.

    Maria & Boran have already seen it, but there's a new pic of me, Mason, and Skylar on the blog.

  3. Maria, hope you get some sleep soon.

    Farf, hope the cows stay home.

    Good Monday all.

  4. Not only the cover (Bebo) but the end/closing photo as well! ;-)

  5. And so it begins...

    Crazy week at work.

    See you guys after Wednesday. Somehow I got a great schedule afterwards. 3 days off!! Wished I'd known as I would have taken off for the holiday. Usually we can't due to work scheds. Oh well...

  6. Wow Maria; I am amazed you can function on no sleep. Be careful.

    All three of you, Farf, are absolutely adorable. :)

    A good Monday to you, Dina.

    Sniff wants to know, Candis, if you implying that he is the ass-end of Brown County? ;)

    Good luck with the holiday crush at work, Janet.