Thursday, November 24, 2011

Always Thankful

Taken November 7, 2011.

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate it.

    May you have much to be thankful for.

  2. Waves and Well Wishes to All.

    New laminate flooring in den/writing area and hall got finished Monday. Beautiful rich brown with a lighter grain than oak. Loving it.

    Now to rebuild a kinder, less cluttered writing area.

    Hubby's brother has cleaned up the front flower bed and will help me plan and plant over the winter/spring.

    Sonboy is coming in this morning and most of our contribution to today's meal is done. We're the meat. Turkey and brisket. Always a winning combo. I'm adding some fresh strawberries, blueberries, and pineapple salad to counteract the heavy sides.

    Enjoy family time or solitude and hopefully a bit of both.

  3. Hi, Lisa. I hope your school year is going well.

  4. Lisa! So happy to hear from you. Have a wonderful day with your family.

  5. Gobble, gobble! (10 points for the reference)

    Happy Turkey Day to you all & Thursday to those of you not in the US. :)

    Lisa!!! Great to see you/hear from you!

    I'm all set up to watch the Macy's parade. Turkey breast is marinating and books loaded on the Kindle. FTW.

    Wishing everyone a bountiful & lovely day.

  6. For all celebrating, have a great Thanksgiving. I will be with my brother and hopefully both of his kids will be there. David is a great cook and it will be lovely either way, but I see so little of my niece and nephew...

    Happy Thursday, everyone.

  7. Thankful that Lisa popped in!

    Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate. I'll be joining friends for dinner, then hanging with my special guy (guess I never told you we straightened out the mess from a while back - lots of poor communication, but it's all good now). And watching football, dontchaknow! Packers and Lions - how many years since THAT'S been a good game?

    Put up my Christmas decorations this morning, since I'll be gone Dec. 6-28. I might just get into the spirit yet...

    I'm thankful for my blog buddies - friends are the family you choose. Have a great day, y'all! Gobble gobble!

  8. Hooray for holiday! Nice little hiking trail to be thankful for, I'd say.

    Lisa, you're the meat? You're inviting zombies in?

    Maria, sounds like you're locked & loaded. Hope you & Kit both enjoy a quiet day.

    Dina, enjoy your niece & nephew time.

    The smell of roasting turkey at midnight made me oddly queasy. Anyway, I figure if things get a little too wacky at the in-laws', we can come up here and have a little patio time.

    Hope it's a great T{hurs,hanksgiving}day for all y'all!

  9. Oh hi Beth! You know who I'll be pulling for in that game.

  10. Happy Thanksgiving Maria, Dina, Farf, Beth, and any and all lurkers.

    We're off to my sister's. Hope everyone has a fine and very fulfilling day.

  11. We've got apple pie, pumpkin pie and an almond pear tart. okay tart isn't technically a pie but... we're winging it here.

    No Macy's Day parade here. Actually there's a bit of a "backlash" to stores like Macy's going on here. People are just no longer considerate of others. Imagine insisting others work so you can go shopping... on a holiday. Phfft.

    I am so tired. Yesterday was a long day at the mimes.

    Having some people over for dessert later on.

    Dylan, our old kitten, is very interested in the goings on with the turkey right now. It's been just about a year since his new life began here.

    I'm thankful all year long for the citizens of this earth who promote the true power which is compassion, integrity, empathy and wisdom. I'm thankful for all of those willing to be harmed, harrassed, arrested - in order that ALL can be cared for.

    I'm thankful I have healthcare but I'm truly disgusted that most do not.

    I'm thankful that so many today will be able to eat because of Meals on Wheels (and two wheels) folks and all those who donated to food banks and the servers and delivery people.

    Just sitting here on the "W" bench with all the other "hoodlums" :)

    Happy Anti-Massacre Day.

    Now go read Zinn's history on the real Thanksgiving day and what followed... :) Exceptionalism tastes soooo gooood.

  12. Hi Janet. Hope the good food and good company revived you.

    I am so full. There were two different kinds of stuffing! Extremely satisfied sigh.