Monday, October 31, 2011

Zen Sniff Ponders ... Trick or Treat?

Happy Halloween
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  1. Pondering Bebo? I'm sure Sniff's opinion would go either way at times.

    Off to the mimes.

  2. Happy Halloween, ya'll!

    Since I had to work on Friday, I decided to stay home today and do more audio recording.

    It's ridiculously cold here, a whopping 37F when I got up earlier. Thank goodness the apt building turned the HVAC system over to heat on Friday, right?


  3. Happy Halloween!

    The snow is mostly gone but still chilly. I guess fall is gone, sigh.

  4. Happy Halloween. And a cold one it is at that. 30s here.

    Occupy Portland was evicted. Lots of arrests. But that means it's just getting bigger. I'd hate to be the Mayor today.

    Loved the photo of you Andi from yesterday.

  5. Happy Trick or Treating, folks! I didn't buy candy, figure no one's gonna knock on this anonymous door. Got work to do, anyway.

    Hope you still have some fall left, those of you in the Winter Wonderland!

    1.5 days until I head to Key West - starting to get organized...and put my brain in vaca mode! But stuff to do first...

  6. I'm not so sure of that, Farf. I think he leans heavily to the trick side.

    We've been cold too, Maria, but we escaped all the ugly weather on the coast so I'm happy.

    Dina, I will be keeping fall going -- virtually -- for you for many days to come.

    We never get trick-or-treaters here, Beth. I think I like the thought of them better than actually having them. w00t on Key West!

  7. Oops! I missed you, Janet -- I guess I managed to do something nearly impossible today. :)

    Happy Halloween to you.

  8. The antici........ pation was killing me, Andi :)

    I stayed home and awaited meds. I guess I should have tuned in on that follow up thing after the colonoscopy huh? Seems they think I might have inflammed bowells due to an infection SINCE surgery. Wtf? That's news to me. Anyways, I'm looking forward to nipping this thing in the... well... nevermind.

    Happy HalloweenieDog to you and Mr. Jim.

  9. Michael Moore is in P'Town! And he loves us :)

  10. Bummer on the inflammation, Janet. Be better soon! And Happy Halloween to your and your fine family. And I'm not in P'Town but I still love it.

  11. You know BOHICA from DK? He's a Portland native. He's been invited to my house for the Anti-Massacreee Day dinner, but he think he could drop by after dinner for some of my fine desserts. How cool is that? "Look whose coming for dessert" :D