Monday, October 3, 2011

Zen Sniff Ponders a Preponderance of Sniff

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  1. Zen Sniff is a good way to start the week. Thanks, Andi.

    October is welcome. Cooler temps. More rain, please.

    Marvelous Monday to all.

  2. Farf, Thank you for the pictures of Mason with his new friend, Bunny. That made my morning and quite possilbly my week. Sorry to hear about your inlaw.

    I'm up at 3am gagging on this "crap" they make you drink before prep. Can't believe I haven't eaten a thing in 24 hours.

    Jim, selective deafness :)

  3. Hiya, Lisa. Glad I (well Sniff) could give an excellent start of your week.

    Yuck Janet. What a rotten reason to be up so early. My sympathies.

    Farf, that's was horrible to hear about. Sympathies abound this morning.

  4. Doggy inna woods!

    Janet, my sympathies. :(

    Farf, sorry to hear about your in-law. Sending you all loads of good vibes.

    It's Monday & cold - 47F when I left my apt. Whee!! I am wearing a flannel shirt and shoes with socks (yes, along with my regular clothing!).

    The presentation on Saturday went well, but I tell you, being out with people really drains me. I ended up going home and collapsing on the comfy chair.

    Wishing you all a great week!

  5. The title came up before the pictures, and it suggested that Sniff would be sniffing herself.

    Lisa, we've been pretty dry on Planet Georgia as well. Two nights of heavy rain last week was the first in nearly eight weeks, and there's nothing more in the forecast. Not sure how that's going to affect the leaf-looky thing.

    Janet, my pleasure! (I finally posted a draft blog this morning about the trip out west because I wanted a pic for it too.)

    Weekend brought 41° lows, and we turned the furnace back on yesterday morning! Amazing, the difference between a 60° house and a 65° house — huge amount of reluctance to get out of bed in that range.

    Maria, here's wishing many comfy chair moments… you don't need a reason either!

    Our ladder-falling in-law is doing OK. There was a moment yesterday when Big V, who uses a wheelchair, got her chair hooked into some tubes under his bed & nearly yanked out his catheter. (OUCH OUCH OUCH OUCH OUCH) I warned her about that Saturday. I think once they do the MRI to verify the lack of spinal damage (routine thing when someone falls), they'll send him home.

    I've been regaled with stories about the branch he fell on being bloody for a foot or more, but I've been avoiding going to see it… because you KNOW if I see it, I'd want to get pix, and then it would end up on the blog…

    Wishing everyone a week free of bloody sticks (unless they're writing about one)!

  6. Love the picture!

    Farf, glad that you FIL is doing better. Please, no bloody stick pictures.

    As for rain, please take mine - we are supposed to have more of it this week. At least the weather is finally cooling off.

    Waves to all.

  7. Maria, collapsing after doing a presentation is just about required -- with a glass of wine, I believe.

    Darn Farf, I wish you hadn't said that about hooking the chair on the catheter 'cause that made me smirk and now I feel like a complete wretch (j/k ... sort of ).

    We had some decent rain the last part of September, Dina, but I would still be glad to have yours and I'm sure the trees would too.

  8. Andi, I love your dark side.

    My anesthesiologist was quite a trip. She reminded me of River Song from Dr. Who but with shorter hair. She's an atheist, liberal Jew. Whose entire family is a bit on the bigoted side. We related to each other because of our odd relatives ways. It just shows that intolerance is everywhere.

    I told her of my story of meeting Ehren Watada and how that healed something in me about my question of how the Nazis could follow such heinous orders. Her question to her family, "don't Palestinian children cry, too?"

    And they we confided in each other that we felt the dr's choice in 80s music over the rooms Pandora was really "tacky and dreadful".

    I said they had better use some damn powerful drugs to keep me from looking at the monitor as they dredged my ass. They all laughed. Sharon told them how I can and will talk about anything and how I can have people share anything about themselves. :)

    I may never meet "Sharon" again... but she really was incredible.

    Bit of scary news. This ain't over. They had to do a biopsy but not of a polyp. There was some inflammation in my lower right intestinal area that is some cause of concern. I'll find out in a few days but they will require some "doggy bags" from me.

    I'd really like for this to be done with so I can get on with Hockey. :D

    thank you guys for letting me be me here. So I can be me "here" at my home.