Saturday, October 22, 2011

Veins of Gold, Flecks of Gold

Both taken October 8, 2011
Click images to see larger versions


  1. Morning all!

    Got the boys to myself until Mrs. Fetched returns from the chicken houses, then it's woodchopping time!

    Hope everyone has a nice fun weekend.

  2. Love this! Like liquid gold.

    Celebrating Halloween today with good friends as the oldest is home from college. Had fun yesterday doing all the shopping. I love Halloween.

  3. Didn't people get kinda pissed off when you rang their doorbells last night? :)

    Putting up the Halloween lights and "sctuff". It always ticks off the Baptist Preacherman family across the street. Screw em. I'm sick of them and their Megachurch BS.

    Sharks finally won in OT. Tonight we face the Stamly Cup Champs. Boston. It's always a rowdy night for that game in Casa Damnit.

  4. Hola, Gang! On the train heading home. (and availing myself of the free wifi)

    Had a blast in NYC, but will be glad to be home.


  5. So how much wood could you chuck, Farf, if you would chuck wood?

    I have such great memories of Halloween from my childhood, Dina. I love it too, though we don't get any kids here because we're just too out of the way of everyone.

    Have a good hockey time, Janet. We'll be too busy rooting for the Cards here (sorry, Lisa) to have time for hockey games.

    Hope you had a relaxing trip home. I'll bet the kitty was glad to see you.

  6. Andi, I would chuck enough wood to get us through the winter!

    Janet, roll out the decorations. Too bad you can't find a decoration of a witch giving your neighbors the Evil Eye or something. :D

  7. Hey, you're in Georgia -- you might only need to chuck what a woodchuck would chuck. ;)

    Night all.

  8. Love the pic on the left, andi!

    No clue if we'll get trick or treaters or not. Big condo complex with lights at each door, so hard to tell who's participating. No plans for Halloween - not being a costume-kind of person, prolly not doing anything.

    Busy Saturday spent with friends. Watching football now, but ready for bed. Another busy day tomorrow. Hope everyone's having a great weekend -