Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Turn Back to Summer

An Indian Summer gift, October 2, 2011.

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  1. Waves to all. Rainy weather here but I am going into the city to meet Maria and see How to Succeed.

    Happy Wednesday.

  2. The angle suggests turning away from summer. Which gets me thinking of Pink Floyd's "The Turning Away."

    Raining on Planet Georgia too. Then it's going to get chilly. Firewood rack is loaded.

    Coffee has been bothering my stomach the last couple of days & I had to excavate the pantry to find any tea that isn't decaf. Oh well, I should probably drink less coffee & sleep more anyway.

    Back to work…

  3. Hallooo, all!

    About to hit the line here where it's too damn cold to run comfortably, but there's no snow for skiing and snowshoeing. Crankiness imminent.

  4. Also, forgot to mention: Janet, very glad to hear the biopsy came back clean.

  5. Dina, sounds like a great day.

    Eek, no caffeine! I couldn't do it, Farf. My name is Andi and I am a caff-aholic.

    Howdy Kelly. There's always bundling up and just walking.

  6. Hallllo! as Kmc says! (And thank you for the well wishing) I posted a comment to you in the Pootie Bootie Blog of yours.

    Getting weird here in Portland, guys. Some nut showed up at Occupy and started arguing with the protestors, then he shows he's packing. Luckily the cops were "close by" LOL and they after being hollered at followed the guy and realized he was carrying a gun.

    But the good news, Occupy is getting really big here. Big on the weekends. Whatever you hear on the "news" about OWS is a farging LIE. Of course.

    So anyone hear of people complaining about how much it would cost to clean up Tianneman Square or Tahir? Anyone hear people squawking about how much tax dollars it would cost the police force to watch over all the protests in Egypt?

    There we call it 'democracy rising'

    Here - the idiots call it dirty effing hippies.

    We aren't going away.

    I'm only able to go down on the weekends. But man is it BIG now.