Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sunday Poetry Post

Wrapped Lightly

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The Crazy Woman
by Gwendolyn Brooks

I shall not sing a May song.
A May song should be gay.
I'll wait until November
And sing a song of gray.

I'll wait until November
That is the time for me.
I'll go out in the frosty dark
And sing most terribly.

And all the little people
Will stare at me and say,
"That is the Crazy Woman
Who would not sing in May."


  1. Clever poem this morning. Is that Jim fishing in the lake?

    Daughter Dearest's senior recital is this afternoon, so I'll be rather scarce today.

  2. That's me, taking a picture.

    Sunday Poetry Post photos are taken by Jim.

    Best of luck to DD at her recital.

  3. Great pic of you, andi. LOVE the colors and the reflections!

    Hope everyone has power, and the snow didn't wallop you too severely. Brrrr. It's surreal to watch the seasons change up there when it looks the same outside my window - I forget it isn't still summer. I miss the colors of fall and the flowers of spring, but I don't miss the cold and snow.

    Stay warm, y'all!

  4. The sun is shining and it is beautiful with the orange leaves behind the snow.

    I was very lucky and only lost power long enough to reset the TV. Friends are still without it.

    Happy recital and happy Sunday.

  5. This crazy woman was even born in November :)

    Going to attempt to go to yoga today. Danni is coming along.

    I can't wait for my brother to moooooove out. Seriously.

  6. ***snort***

    Nicely done Jim. :)