Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sunday Poetry Post

To things and those we'll miss.

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Just a quote this week.

Don’t be sad because it’s over. Smile because it happened. -- Dr. Seuss


  1. Love the quote and the picture.

    Off to the Original Pancake House to meet friends for breakfast. The big decision - pancakes or omelette???

  2. Hi, Dina. I vote for the omelette unless they have huevos rancheros with good chirizo.

    Andi and I are off to Indianapolis for the day to celebrate her mom's 90th b'day.

  3. The Apple Pancake, Dina. And a go-box for the half you won't be able to finish.

    Happy b-day to Andi's mom! Wow, the Big Nine-Oh…

  4. I got the omelette which immediately went into the take home box, and ate pancakes (and of course, bacon!) there.

    Farf, I was close to having the Apple Pancake or the other big one, but with the omlette I don't have to cook for a while. That was the deciding factor!

    Maria, everyone says hi!

  5. Happy Birthday to mom!

    Today is a beautiful day. Getting ready to watch the big Cardinals-Brewers game. Go Cards!

  6. Great news!

    Portland's March Today:

    "We have an announcement!

    Tomorrow [Sunday] we march! We march with the mayor’s office, the Portland police department and the Portland marathon chief officers! The mayor’s office graciously invited us to join the race, behind the runners at 2:30PM. We follow them from the Rose Quarter, over the Broadway Bridge, along Naito Parkway, West on SW Jefferson to SW 4th to the occupied Chapman Park/camp/headquarters.

    Together the city will join together in celebration of John Lennon’s birthday, singing the infamous song, 'Imagine.'


    Wayne's even going to march in this!!! :)

    Yesterday Danni and I just hobnobbed at the OccupyBasecamp. Ran into BOHICA, who I hope to march alongside with today.

    Viva la Occupations!!!!

  7. Well it's over and we're not sad because it happened that Mom had a wonderful birthday party with loads of people around her who love her.

  8. Glad you had a good day, Fs. Nice way to celebrate a landmark event!

    And I want pancakes...

    Day 3 of the nor'easter, and it keeps getting worse. They're predicting 50 mph winds overnight, flooding, higher than normal tides, torrential downpours. My kind of weather!! Just sorry the beach is eroding... :(

    Hope you all had a good weekend - back to watching football!

  9. Night, everyone!

    Dina, if I order an omelette I always make sure they can do egg substitute. Cholesterol issues suck.

    Janet, good to hear you didn't have police dipshittery to deal with on top of everything else. Give BOHICA a salute for me, you get one too. I hear the Atlanta group pulled a bonehead move and wouldn't let John Lewis (the downtown congresscritter & major civil rights figure) address them. ***SIGH*** Even the not-pod people get infected with Planet Georgia dingalingitis.

    Beth, for situations like beach erosion we use the #firstworldproblems tag on Twitter. ;-)

    Long day, but things were accomplished. Mrs. Fetched is thrilled with the replacement light fixture in the bathroom, especially since it means the light switch actually *DOES* something for the first time this year. I also replaced two dimmers & a switch in the living room, only got zapped once. Mrs. F. responded to that by smacking the main breaker. You can do that in October. :-D

    Just think, tomorrow's Monday and I won't have to be at the manor for half the day!