Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sunday Poetry Post

Maple Mosaic

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Mirror, Mirror
by Spike Milligan

A young spring-tender girl
combed her joyous hair
'You are very ugly' said the mirror.
on her lips hung
a smile of dove-secret loveliness,
for only that morning had not
the blind boy said,
'You are beautiful'?


  1. Love the picture and the poem.

    Good Sunday, all.

  2. Sometimes, most times, it's the blind who can see things more clearly.

  3. I was going to say what Janet said!

    Lovely day yesterday: Big V's husband fell off a ladder and impaled himself in the bushes below. He got airlifted to Grady (the big trauma center in Atlanta). Fortunately, the stick went in nearly a foot deep but only nicked his colon — didn't breach it — so he'll be out in a few days.

    Interesting, the depth and range of freakout-ery the in-laws can generate over trivia, but when there's a real crisis they nut up & deal.

  4. Wow, Farf, my summer health care exploit pales. I hope Big V's husband's recovery is faster and as complete as mine.

    Janet, perception can be willful. As a teacher, I often practiced selective deafness.

    Dina, I associate Spike Milligan with The Goon Show. I was surprised when I googled this poem and found out that it was the same Spike Milligan.