Friday, October 21, 2011

Smooth and Textured

Taken , 2011.

Click image to see larger version


  1. Can't ever get tired of seeing shots like that!

    Insert is crankin' out the heat. We're going to cut & split this weekend, so we should be good for heat for a while. ;-)

    Today begins my 3rd day without coffee. So far so good.

    Janet, I'd love to see you guys again & your activities sound like fun!

    Miming time…

  2. I love this picture too. I never get tired of fall.

    Farf - no caffeine? I am impressed.

    Happy Friday, everyone.

  3. My San Jose Sharks are off to a bad start. I've noted that my Sharks have something in common with Occupy Wall Street at times...

    Occupy an area and wait around until you get the sh&t kicked out of you by a trained, professional squad of overpaid thugs

    Yup, that about sums it up.


    Back to yoga today for the first time since my summer of surgery. Hooray! My Yogi came into my store this week and gave me some loving.

    Have a good weekend. Occu Pie!

  4. The Illegal Occupation of Iraq is over.

    I can't really "celebrate" because so much wrong was done. So I will look over RubDMC's old War Grief photos and remember... remember that there isn't anything to be "happy" about at all. Just happy that the suffering and killing will not continue... at least in Iraq. And that hopefully the healing can begin.

    Tomorrow I will occupy even more so. Maybe now the Iraqi women and children can begin to heal and... go back to school. Live their lives.

    My gawd... what have we done? We? Not in my name. Even the relief that this is over is not even really in my name either.

    I wish I could be apathetic and care more about TV shows than I do reality. Is there something wrong with me that today I feel like screaming harder than the day we first started this whole torture and quagmire?

  5. Hi Farf, Dina, and Janet.

    Busy day today but it included some sunshine which we hadn't seen for four days so that was good.

  6. Beautiful colors, andi - thanks!

    Made it safely home - easy drive. Really glad to be on my couch - and now I'm heading to my bed. Busy weekend ahead.

    You're right about the sweetness of time with family depending on the length of that time! Glad to be there, glad to be home.

    Have a great weekend, y'all!