Saturday, October 1, 2011

Slight Thoughts of Fall

Taken September 14, 2011.

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  1. Our fall has now slid firmly into jacket weather after a cold front blew in last night. It's 52F with a light rain, high expected to be 58. ::pumps fist in air:: Yes!

    I got up early so I could color my hair before showering. My presentation is at noon to local Sisters in Crime chapter and wanted to be at my best. Stupid semi-perm color did NOTHING. (yes, I followed exact directions).


    No time to do anything else, I'll just live with it as is.

    Decided yesterday that attempting Art on the Ave was probably too ambitious, especially after SinC, so instead, I'm going to go home afterwards and catch up on TV & read.

    Got a nifty idea for a short story in the wee hours, hoping to actually get that written at some point, as well.

    Happy Saturday to everyone!

  2. Morning All!!

    My online class ended yesterday and I'm beginning to get use of my brain again. It went fantastic but I had to work hard to finish writing lessons and keep up with replying to assignments.
    On top of that we started our pilot project at school with the new laptops we got and I worked with a web designer to get a website going. Not in it's final form yet, but coming together.

    Happy Happy Birthday, Andi. It's on my phone calendar, but brain didn't kick in until today to come visit.

    Maria, hope the presentation goes well. Sorry the hair touch-up didn't take. I go to my hairdresser for all color issues. I have enough trouble with just blow drying and daily look.
    Sounds like you may be feeling a bit better.

    Kelly and Mrs. Happy Anniversary.

    Beth, sounds like situation normal with work and fun for you.

    Farf, So glad God sent you some story ideas. Sounds like the Manor is a hopping.

    Jim, glad you are a skating and a riding. Maybe the real cold will hold off for a bit.

    Nicky, I'm so jealous of all the travels.

    Waves to Dina, Janet, Candis, and all others that visit.

    Now off to clean my writing area or more like dig out.
    Sensational Saturday to all.

  3. Morning!

    Cool here too, like 50°F, highs in the mid-70s. Definitely time to put the liner in the motorcycle jacket.

    Maria, when digging through the junk upstairs, I found a can of spray-on hair color (red), the kind usually found at Hallowe'en. I'm trying to decide when to give it a try. I'll definitely be getting a grey-away treatment if I interview for a different job.

    My #FridayFlash went up yesterday. There's another kind of flashing in there too.

    Hope everyone's Saturday is fun & free!

  4. Simul-post — hi Lisa! I keep wanting to see the word "law" in your URL… need more cooooofffffeeeeeee…

    Janet, send my "speedy recovery & back in the saddle" wishes to Wayne. I've had a few spectacular wipeouts in my time, even without logging the kind of miles Wayne does. Just remember: visible displays of weaponry means the cagers give you space! I'm going to get the pic today, if I can get everyone in one place & settled down for more than 20 seconds.

  5. Hi, all. I can never hope to match Lisa's post but all good thoughts going out as needed.

    Cold here too but I like it.

  6. Fall has fallen here, too.

    We've had some gorgeous weather here these past few weeks. With the exception of just one nasty, rainy day. Just ask Farf :) I love the Fall. It means baking, more energy, Halloween!, cozy nights, rainy walks and HOCKEY!

    Thanks Farf, he's doing well just sore as the dickens. And... mad as hell. For all the cager knows, Wayne could have been seriously hurt and he just took off. Karma will get the driver.

    I would love to see a photo of Mason and Dutch. Actually I just hope he likes it and has a new fuzzy-wuzzy friend as he drives you happily into Bonkersville.

    I made some incredible Lemon Drops. Bought 10 oz glasses for as well. Made my own simpleton syrup, squeezed fresh lemons and limes for the juice and used Stoly citron vodka and a dash of Grand Marnier and OJ. I was worried about the "lollipop rims" (sugar along the rim) but they came out perfect. I used agave syrup as the "glue" and used unrefined pure sugar cane. My brother who has bartendered said they were the best he's drank and seen. :) I love making my cocktail list of superdrinks perfection a bit longer.

    Margaritas - check
    Daquiries - check
    Irish Coffee - checkaroni
    Lemon Drops - Bang!

    I even experimented with making the second round of drinks with brown sugar rims. very pretty but just a tad too maple syruppy.

    Maria, sorry about the color not holding. I can't give you any advice because I don't use that stuff. The scalp has the thinnest skin area but yet covers some serious part of our body. I only put a hat on my scalp now ;) But I have every color of blond and brown in my hair and some um... "platinum blond" which is actually silver but we won't tell anyone. :)

    My brohter found a job!!! And he likes it and the people.

  7. Happy Saturday, all! Cool front here, too - 55 last night, 77 today. Just gorgeous. Everyone is almost skipping around town, sensing the eventual arrival of fall.

    Pink Up The Pace breast cancer run this morning - 3rd year, 2000 participants. I registered folks before driving my friend south to join the MS150 bike race. I'm dog-sitting while she burns calories this weekend!

    Yes, Lisa, life doesn't get much better than this. Stellar time with the aforementioned gentleman on Thursday, looking forward to more time with him in the future. Pouring myself a glass of wine and getting ready to watch the Phillies game, and then the Gators tonight. And my cousin is driving east as we speak, hauling my worldly possessions. He'll be here Tuesday, and I don't have to sit in a beach chair any longer!

    Have a wonderful weekend, all!

  8. Forecast here is for freezing temps tonight, Maria. Yay!

    Wow, with all that going on, I'm surprised you have time to write comments anywhere, Lisa. :)

    Better bundle up, Farf, if you're going riding when the temps are in the 50s.

    Happy weekend, Dina.

    Janet, I like your checklist. :)

    Sounds like a fine evening and fine times to come, Beth.

    Night all.