Thursday, October 20, 2011

Seeing Red

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  1. Love the Leaves, Andi!!!
    Color, color, Color.

    Work is actually pretty quiet right now. Not overly full except in one room so that's nice.
    Working to finalize the website into it's new and improved phase.

    Thursday Winking at Friday to all.
    Waves and big cyberhugs.

  2. Gorgeous colors, andi! The trees are starting to turn here in NC, but nowhere near as much color. A small taste of fall before I head back to summertime. 49 degrees today - and I didn't pack any real shoes!

    Visiting family is always bittersweet. Glad to be here and see folks, glad to leave tomorrow.

    Have a great Thursday, y'all!

  3. Love Autumn, love the leaves, love the pictures.

    Autumn was late here but the colors have come. One reason I love to live in this part of the world.

    Lisa, enjoy the quiet. Beth, so true about family. Safe travels tomorrow.

    Waves to those who follow.

  4. Between the rain & the wind this week, a lot of leaves have left. But there's still plenty up there on the trees too. Mrs. Fetched got the firebox going, so at least the living room's nice & warm.

    I know I've asked this before, but never got an answer. Would you guys classify White Pickups as urban fantasy, paranormal, or what?

  5. I'd classify it as "skeery" but I'll leave it up to the authors to help you out my friend.

    You know what Farf. I can't wait to see you again. Now Wayne and I know just where to take you and want to plan a bit more :) (and hopefully planet autism won't take over the plans again LOL) But we're thinking a trip out to Cannon Beach would be good. I'll bring some margarita fixings.

    I think I have everyone's cold. Buggeralls.

    My Friday at the mimes today. Then it's off to Occupy. Did you all see the Occupy the Tundra pix - the lady with her three rescue dogs. Kinda reminded me of our Andi.

    I LOVE the Fall. It's beginning to look a lot like ... Halloween.

  6. Hey, hey Lisa! Glad you are having some quiet time at work and some working time on the website.

    I always think the ratio of bitter to sweet is in direct proportion to the number of days I spent with family, Beth. Have a good trip home.

    Lots more Autumn yet to come, Dina. I wonder if all the rain delayed the color there because ours was quite early and we had a drought.

    Lots of bare trees here too, Farf, but we've also got a lot of trees that are still quite green. It's definitely a weird fall here.

    Other than fur and dna, I don't think my lazy, couch-loving pooches have very much in common with rescue dogs, Janet. :)