Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Seeing Red II

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  1. ... continued from yesterday.

    Beth, watching the Colts become a mass of misery this season has been one of my most miserable sports experiences ever (well other than watching Cubs year after year).

  2. What's going on with them? My nephew the high school QB is also a huge Colts fan.

    Trying to work my way past the blurry vision to a bright new morning. We have a cookout at work today at lunch, that's kind of nice.

  3. Amazing how the Colts have been affected by the loss of Peyton Manning, andi. Sympathetic hugs - we've been suffering the loss of John Elway for a heck of a long time! Hopefully next year your guys are back to their regular form...

    Gorgeous morning. Long list of to-dos. Pouring wine for very cool women's group this evening. Hoping for a productive day!

    Hope all are well and happy. Onward!

  4. ::waves hello::

    Morning, gang. Another gorgeous fall morning in my neck of the woods.

    Got all the photos uploaded to Picasa, but am trying to caption them so you all know what you're looking at. Hope to achieve this tonight.

    Wishing everyone a Terrific Tuesday!

  5. Beautiful day here but if aching hands are any sign, there is a storm acoming.

    Happy Tuesday.

  6. Beth and Farf, it isn't just Peyton. Their injured roster is filled with 1st string players.

    Looking forward to seeing the pics, Maria.

    It's a gorgeous day here too, Dina, but tomorrow the temps drop and the rains come so this may be a preview for you.

  7. Temps dropped here overnight.

    Big march coming up on Friday. I hope it remains non-violent.

    Got the Halloween lights up and the water pipes fixed in the kitchen and laundry room. What a mess that was this weekend. #OccupyKitchen.

    Off to a 1230-830 "morning shift?" at the mimes...