Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Save It for a Rainy Day

Taken September 25, 2011.

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  1. Since it's raining, can I spend it? ::g::

    Off to see a guest speaker in a few (I'm so not looking forward to this - heard the guy a few years back in a webinar and he's boring). The boss hath assigned this, therefore I must obey.

    Fell asleep in my chair around 7:30 last night - sheesh. Old lady much? Ended up going to bed shortly thereafter and falling asleep while reading. Must have needed it!

    Wonderful Wednesday to all!

  2. Good luck, Maria. Boring speakers are great for insomnia but little else.

    Bad weather seems to be coming this way. Here's hoping for a good weekend.

  3. We have a one-day reprieve from the rain today. Gives the recent moisture time to soak in before the next bout arrives.

    Maria, if you slept early, maybe you won't nod off on the speaker. Or (as I heard yesterday) end up snoring in a bathroom stall. LOL that was funny.

    We went to DD's favorite Mex joint for lunch. Mason fell asleep on the way, but woke up while we were eating and conquered a plate of rice. (He'd been asking for rice before he went to sleep… I guess he really meant it!)

    Back to miming.

    Finished reading a horror anthology called Dark Tomorrows last night, it was awesome. And free. If you have a Kindle or don't mind using the app on another device, you ought to grab this.

  4. Hope you stayed awake during the presentation, Maria.

    Seems to me that the company you're keeping, Dina, should keep bad weather at bay (at least metaphorically).

    I've never thought of rice as "dream" food, Farf. Guess I'll have to re-think it.

  5. Stumbling through on the way to bed. Way too many hours working the last few days, but it pays the rent. Weather is still spotty, but the huge storms are gone. Catching up on the drought numbers, tho! You know how I love the rain.

    Life continues to be really good, altho busy. Work is frantic. Trying to find balance between work and play - date with the guy tomorrow, woo hoo!

    And now, bed. Thanks for pretty pictures..... safe travels, Maria, if I don't get back before you leave. And Farf, I want Mexican food now!

    Night -