Saturday, October 29, 2011

Red and Light

Taken October 13, 2011.

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  1. I'm going to red-light this weather Right Now! I mean, c'mon, this is crazy-cakes!!

    >Rain changing to snow from NW to SE. Accumulation likely, particularly N & W of D.C. Upper 30s to near 40 and dropping.<


    At least today, I'm not going to get called in to work. :)

    Planning on spending the day recording again.


  2. Oh, fun, Maria. We have a low of 35 and a freeze warning tonight. Have fun recording.

    Me, I'm watching the rugrats. Mason has Epic Bed Hair again, so I guess he'll be going in for a haircut soon.

  3. Thanks for the RED!

    Still tired from last night's win, but a good tired. I'm ready for spring training. :)

  4. Maria, love that picture almost as much as I love Andi's!

    Still waiting for the snow and hoping for rain. Either way, I am glad that I don't have to go out this weekend.
    Here's hoping all have better weather than expected!

  5. While, the snow has started. Sigh.

  6. That should have been well, not while.


  7. Cards took it up to ELEVEN! :) We watched that and than watched the taped Sharks versus Red Wings. We won!

    Foggy today. Fog here usually burns off by noon.

    Scott Olsen will live! He still isn't able to speak. Young Marine who is now with IVAW and VFP. He even went to Wisconsin to protest the regime there. I think war wakes up people. Some people. I don't understand how so many can just carry on like nothing is going on. I think that is the real reason other nations can learn to despise us. Our disconnectedness.

    In yoga yesterday, I tried to have my "intent" be to have outrage without anger. Anger isn't always bad, but it is energy. It can drain. But yet, anger has kept me alive in many instances. I told the instructor that I felt conflicted because I felt I should be at the protest in PDX instead meditating. She said that I needed to heal before I could heal the world. Than she went on to talk about her teacher who had been in Iraq during the initial bombing campaign. He was a physical therapist who was working at a hospital for the mentally ill. Most were what we would call autistic adults. He spent three weeks in the rubble with them chanting to keep them calm. So she had us learn and do the same chant yesterday. I had tears streaming down.

    Dealing with yet another colon type issue. Why are doctors closed on the weekends? And my one main "outrage" is that this is going to prevent me from going to yoga tomorrow. But I am looking and feeling much healthier. Dropping weight and coming back into focus.

    "Om Shanti O"

  8. Eek snow! My extreme sympathies, Maria.

    Or, Farf, you could just decide to consider Epic Bed Hair a cool hairstyle -- that's what I do.

    Amazing series, Mary; cool that you could be there to see them win. When I consider what happened with the Cards this season, I think "Maybe someday the Cubbies ..." and then I go "No way".

    Hoping the weather gods are kind to you, Dina, and that the snow has already stopped.

    Janet, hope you feel better and get to go to yoga ... or just feel better regardless.

  9. Crazy end to the Series. Texas was THIS close. That must be so painful. Yay for you Cards fans!

    Watching FL kick Georgia butt right now - amazing. Of course, there's still another half to go.

    Quiet weekend. Crazy busy yesterday, and now just hanging out at home, watching football. No work, argh.

    Cool day - 68 and rainy. I'm thinking the hot tub is in order later. Good luck with all of the snow up there, folks!