Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Out and About

Taken October 10, 2011.

Click image to see larger version


  1. Wow, I love the way the leaves are outlined — gives it a half-painted look!

    Janet (from yesterday), I still think the way to go is swarm the first moron that throws a brick & beat the living #$!+ out of him. It would send the provocateurs a rather strong message.

  2. Nifty pic!!

    Speaking of pics...finally got my NYC photos uploaded & captioned. Album is here.


  3. Love the picture. Would like to see Maria's pictures but the link doesn't seem to be working.

    Happy Wednesday people.

  4. D'oh & ::facepalm::

    I forgot to make the photo gallery public. Now the link should work.

  5. It does and I am enjoying it.

    One minor thing - the inkwells are my great grandfather's not grandfather's.

    Love the kittie pictures!!

  6. Great set of NYC photos. Wow, you were busy!

  7. Hey - I'm going to be a big mouth again:



  8. Jim!!! Happy Birthday, dude! (you share a birthday with one of my other favorite Jims - Jim Butcher).

    Thanks, Candis, for the heads up.

    (Dina, btw, fixed the caption on the inkwell photo, tx!)

  9. Surface tension does do nifty things, Farf.

    Ooh, nice pics, Maria. It looks like a fantastically good time.

    Happy Hump Day to you, Dina.

    I like it when you have a big mouth about somebody else's birthday, Candis. :D

    Jim also shares a birthday with his great-nephew Monty. It's Cutie Patooties Day (perhaps including JB but I will have to withhold judgment since I don't know him).

  10. Happy birthday, Jim! Hope you had a wonderful day.

  11. Happy Birthday JIM!! Hope you had a very good day and made lots of birthday wishes.

    Was going to be watching the World Series tonight - my meeting was cancelled because everyone knew no one would show up. But ... it's raining. If they get to the 7th game I'm going - a friend of mine has tickets and invited me.

  12. But, Mary, tomorrow night is the date of the seventh game, even if it is the sixth game ... so shouldn't that mean that your friend has tickets tomorrow's game? (Sounds logical to me)

    Anyway we'll definitely be rooting for the Cards to make it to game 7.

  13. That's what happened in 2006 - I had tickets for the second last game and it got rained out. So they rescheduled our game but kept the next game where it was - so we ended up seeing the end of the world series. And all the people who were supposed to have the last game were REALLY PISSED OFF because they ended up with the second last game.

    So this time they just moved all the games along. So people with the sixth game tickets go tomorrow instead of the 7th game ticket holders and the 7th game (if played) is Friday.

  14. Was going to spend my free evening watching the baseball game - sigh. I won't be around to catch it tomorrow. The fickle whims of weather.

    Nice leaves, andi! And cool picture.


    Trying to read an entire book in an evening for book club tomorrow - good thing there are lots of skippable parts. Back at it - night, all!